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  • Kim and Kanye on the Cover of Vogue!

    It's been all the talk lately - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, better known as "Kimye" gracing the April 2014 cover of Vogue Magazine! Vogue boldly marked the importance of Kimye by including the subtitle of, "Their Fashionable Life and Surreal Times, #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple," on the cover, and it's left everyone in a frenzy.


    Those in the fashion industry are up-in-arms over Vogue's choice and declaration, saying that they aren't even a good representation of a fashionable couple and what Vogue stands for as a magazine. From hilarious reactions on Twitter to some even threatening to cancel their subscriptions, everyone's definitely had an opinion over this cover! There's even been some funny Kimye Vogue cover spoofs - from James Franco and Seth Rogan, to The Muppets' Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy ('Kermie & Piggy' on the cover!), to even Kylie and Kendall Jenner! We love that the Jenner sisters can make fun of their cousin like that - so silly!


    But, our favorite reaction may be Naomi Campbell's. The 43-year-old supermodel appeared on Australia's "The Morning Show," where she beautifully demonstrated an important lesson - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

    When one of the hosts of the show asked Naomi what she thought of the cover, she simply smiled and said, "I do not want to comment," followed by a laugh and mention that she is a fashion model.

    But, of course, the host was dissatisfied with this response and continued to prod her with an answer by asking if she thought, "Kim and Kanye haven't earned the right to be on the cover of Vogue?" Naomi simply replied with, "Those are your words, not mine. I'm being politically correct." So classy! And, coming from a fashion model, so perfect!

    With all this said, we think Kim looks gorgeous on the cover, and Kanye looks handsome, of course. we especially loved the gorgeous white strapless gown that Kim wore on the cover - it hugs her curves so perfectly!

    What do you think of the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover photo? Leave us a comment below!

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  • The Best and Worst Dressed at the 2014 People's Choice Awards

    The 40th annual People's Choice Awards aired this week and while we we're super happy for all of the celebs who won, we were more excited about the beautiful dresses we got to see! Many stars shined and blew us away with their dresses, however, not every celeb hit a home run. Below are the best & worst dressed of the 2014 PCA's!

    worst-show-hosts-and-2-broke-girls-co-stars-kat-dennings-and-beth-behrs-went-conservative-for-the-red-carpetWORST: Let's start with the amazing hosts and stars of the popular series 2 Broke Girls.. Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings! The girls are HILARIOUS and always look great on the show. However, we think that the dresses above just aren't very flattering on them. They both have AMAZING bodies and should've worn something fitted. Beth's white dress is "blah" and doesn't have any pizzaz to it. She could've rocked something tight and maybe even hi-lo to show off those long legs. Kat's dress definitely suits her but the harsh black color makes her Continue reading

  • Time to be a bridesmaid, AGAIN!

    bridesmaid again

    Never the bride, always the bridesmaid. Another one of my friends is getting married, which means another wedding to be a part of, another hideous dress to wear, another speech to prepare, and another date to find. Ugh! Here's my most recently story of searching for bridesmaid dresses with my latest friend who got married.

    So, as the story always goes, me and the (in this case, five other) girls go on the dreaded search for the "perfect" bridesmaid dress (I wish we could do this without the bride!). As we enter some hole in the wall dress store my anxiety immediately hits, the hot flashes start, and already I want this "happy, joyous" day to be over. As we enter this overwhelming, tiny store I am blinded by the sequins and ruffles. Mind you the women in the wedding party are all either happily, married, engaged, or in some serious relationship. Me, on the other hand...I'm still searching for Mr. Right. So, the try-on process begins. I hear the bride say, "I want them in something with ruffles, and fitted in the bust, and kind of high low." All I can think of is how my enormous breasts, and arm fat will be spilling over the top of this sequined shiny dress (ahhh!). As I see this vomit green dress with all the bells and whistles making its way over to us, I cant help but cry on the inside (but it's the bride's day, what she wants, she gets!).

    I am now shoved in a fitting room, which is being taken over by this obscene green dress, I cant even find the zipper. Fumbling through the ruffles and layers, I finally make my way into it. I hear the other girls gushing over the dress (were we not in the same dress?), because all I can see is a huge vomit mess of a dress. So I walk out of the fitting room, the sales associates are boasting our egos, "OMG that looks AMAZING on you!"  (Like stop lying this is horrible). So, it's official...this is this dress we will wear on her magical day.

    scary bridesmaid dress

    Now that I have the dress, I need the date, but there is no man I want to take with me to this wedding, considering the unflattering dress I will be wearing! Also, knowing my friend she will probably have us wear a feather or something really ridiculous in our hair. My friend has given me NO chance to find even a potential boyfriend at this wedding. Thanks girl! Cheers to the bride, and her Kermit bridesmaids.

    kermit the frog dress lady gaga

    I think a shopping experience, especially for dresses, should be a pleasant, calm, organized experience. As I mentioned earlier, when I walked into this bridal store it was disastrous, and gave me immediate anxiety.  I love going into a store that is very well organized, and not a cluster mess of mish-moshed dresses. That's why next time that I am a bridesmaid, I'm making sure that the bride shops at Rissy Roo's to find our dresses! Now that I'm a Roo Girl, I've had first-hand experience seeing that Rissy Roo's provides the most professional, easy going, honest experience of any dress store that I've ever been at or shopped at online. They have such a great selection of dresses both online and at their store in Linwood, NJ that it's so easy to find exactly what you're looking for, whether for a wedding, prom, or any other formal event. I wish my friend would have come here - the choices of dresses are endless, and the sales associates will give you their honest opinion (unlike my kermit the frog disaster), which whether you are ready to hear that opinion or not, can be surprisingly helpful!




  • No Excuses: Dress Your Best!

    With New Year's Eve here, and the 2014 Prom Season just around the corner, we thought today was a perfect day to talk about making sure to dress your best! Whether dressing up for NYE, prom, a night out with the girls, or just walking your dog, it's always important to strive to look your best - you never know who you're going to run into, after all! Read on for a short little story for why I finally realized that it's time to make sure I'm always dressing my best...and why it is now officially my New Year's Resolution!

    alexander wang quote

    Its 7am, my awful sounding alarm goes off, not only am I now awake my dog is walking on my face. Time to start my morning, first thing is first, take the pooch out for his morning walk. As I scramble to find my glasses, and something warm to go for a walk in, I do not take into account that I am going out into public. I have just dressed myself in a black and yellow Batman hat, baby blue hoodie, over sized sweatpants, two different color Ugg boots, neon pink gloves, and to top it off, a purple fur coat. (FASHION NO NO!!!) I figured its 7am who am I going to see. Well, of course on my morning walk I run into two neighbors, get three honks, and as I am crossing the street with my dog, I fall flat on my face, traffic was stopped and people were helping me get my bearings. It was an all around disaster, to say the least!

    dress your best

    And, with that 'experience,' I have FINALLY learned my lesson: no matter where I am  going it is important to look somewhat decent. I actually have no excuse for the outlandish outfit I had put together, considering my closet is over flowing with cute hoodies with matching sweat pants. So ladies, common courtesy to the general public: put a little effort into your look, no matter whether walking your dog or having a fun night out with the girls.

    When it comes to a quick walk outside with your dog or to the nearest convenience store, there are some easy fashion staples you can always keep in mind to look put-together without any effort. Big sunglasses are VERY helpful- not only do they help disguise you, they cover up the bags under your eyes, or the smeared makeup you were too tired to wash off the night before.  Throwing on a pair of leggings or yoga pants is always a cute choice for looking fashionable while still being comfortable. As for tops, I love wearing over sized sweatshirts with my leggings...and MATCHING UGG boots, of course!

    dress your best

    After my morning shenanigans, I think that it is time to give my Batman hat to my 8 year old cousin, my baggy sweat pants will be worn only in my house, and as for my purple fur coat, I have no excuse for that, I think I might just donate it at this point. After all, Alexander Wang said it best:

    "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing."

    -Alexander Wang

    So, with those changes made, my "Dress Your Best" New Year's Resolution is well under way. And, I think I'll continue the resolution by picking out some cute dresses from Rissy Roo's!

    Have you ever been caught wearing some major fashion no-no's? Leave us a comment below and share your stories or New Years Resolutions!

  • Fashion Police: Dressing for Your Body Type

    Just because a clothing item is trendy or expensive does not always mean it looks good. You've probably heard it time and time again - "dress according to your body type." Well, it's the truth! 

    Your Body Type

    To figure out how to best dress for your body time, it's always helpful to take a cue from celebrities. Lets take Kim Kardashian for example. This girl has every top designer at her fingertips, yet she is a repeat offender of wearing unflattering, tight, clothing. Don't get us wrong, we love Kim K. and her curves! She definitely has impeccable taste, and when she gets it right she looks stunning.

    kim kardashian cocktail dresses

    However, one thing Kim seems to forget is that dressing for your body type is major. You do not want to end up with camel toe, a wardrobe malfunction or swollen feet. It's very important to keep your look classy and sexy and show off those curves in style. You can see Kim at her best looking classy in cocktail dresses above, and her forgetting the meaning of fashion in the images of her swollen and peplum outfit below.

    kim kardashian fashion no-no

    kim kardashian peplum

    With that said, one celeb that always gets it right and is a personal favorite of ours at Rissy Roo's is Beyonce. Why? Because she is always polished and looking amazing, no matter where she is heading!

    Beyonce dresses

    Just like Beyonce (and sometimes Kim K), when picking out that PERFECT outfit, whether it be a shirt, jeans, dress, or shoes, take into account YOUR body type. There are many different body types, so it's most important to figure out exactly what your body type is and read up on the best and most flattering ways to dress for it.

    For example, women with the hourglass body tend to wear form fitting clothes. This can look amazing (and who doesn't want to show off their curves?!), but ladies, we need to leave a little to the imagination, as well! There is a fine line between classy and trashy - especially when it comes to showing off those curves. This tends to be where Kim K. falls short when drssing up - she wears clothes that show off her hourglass figure, but aren't necessarily figure flattering. Marilyn Monroe said it many years ago, and her thoughts still hold true today: "Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to show you're a lady."Marilyn Monroe quote

    But, there are some rules that hold true for all body types! I have found that NO MATTER what body shape you have, making your legs look longer is most often very flattering. Depending on your height, you can easily alter the way your legs look by choosing dresses and skirts that fall at certain lengths on your thighs. You can also pick shirt lengths to help lengthen your torso, and certain pants styles that can help give you a figure-flattering look, all depending on the type of legs you have.

    One rule to always keep in mind: no matter what you're wearing, make sure that you're comfortable in your look! Confidence is  key to looking your best, and comfort is one important way to make sure that your confidence is high! And, always remember: beauty comes in many shapes and sizes!

  • 2010 American Music Awards - Worst Dressed

    While some look at the red carpet as a chance to showcase their sense of style,
    others are simply looking to exploit the shock factor and garner attention.

    Ke$ha's daring outfit featured a shredded black dress that left both her cleavage and left leg exposed.  Topping the outrageous look off, Ke$ha sported studded eyebrows, painted metallic silver lips and an exaggerated "Something about Mary" hairdo!

    Ke$ha Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

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