Congrats to our Ultimate Promposal Contest Winner!

Another Rissy Roo’s Prom 2014 Contest has come to a close, and this was an especially fun one! We are so excited to announce the winner of our Ultimate Promposal Contest…Emily!

Rissy Roo’s Ultimate Promposal Contest Winner

Ultimate Promposal Contest Winner

In our Ultimate Promposal Contest, we asked all of our Roo Girls to share their 2014 promposal for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to using hashtag #ARooPromposal. Over the course of a week, our Roo Girls showed us such fun, quirky and totally creative ideas for a promposal…from easy ideas to incredibly elaborate…and only 1 winner was chosen as the Ultimate Roo Promposal on March 28th.

That Ultimate Promposal was the so silly (and romantic!) prom proposal from George to his girlfriend Emily that you see above! We were so blown away by George’s creative and so funny…and of course, very bold…idea! Congrats, Emily (and George)!

While Emily’s promposal was our winner, we had so many great ideas come in that we wanted to share them all with you. Check them out below. With Prom 2014 getting closer and closer, we hope they give you some ideas for your own prom proposal!

Promposal Contest Entries

balloons promposal

The promposal that started it all! We saw this prom proposal idea that Missy posted of her son asking his girlfriend to prom with lots and lots of balloons and immediately fell in love and decided to go on a search for the Ultimate Promposal! Of course, we gave Missy’s son a $50 gift certificate to give to his date to sweeten the deal. In case you were wondering, she said yes!


This promposal from Jennifer was super sweet! Two ways to use the ‘fish’ idea in a promposal – “out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” and “You are the Swedish Fish in the Sea.” Both so cute!

We even had a video promposal! Taylor sent this video in of her boyfriend, Spencer, asking her to prom in the middle of a huge audience at a basketball game. That definitely takes a lot of guts – cudos to you, Spencer!

phone promposal

Sarah entered this creative prom proposal that was created on her iphone with app icons! For those that don’t want to do something too over the top, this is a super easy idea, while still being able to show your creativity.

friends promposal

Heather submitted this picture of her boyfriend, Taj, getting his friends involved for her promposal. What great friends!

pictures and balloons promposal


pictures promposal

More balloons with Jennifer’s promposal from her boyfriend! She wrote:

“Went to school all moody and came home to being one of the luckiest girls ever ;-) I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world :-) this time I’ll say this from the bottom of my heart…I LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY AND NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU! :-* thanks for everything boo <3.”

These are all such great promposal ideas – thank you to all of our Roo Girls who entered the contest and shared their prom proposals with us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay tuned for more contests to come soon!

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Inside CHANEL Perfume

The perfume company CHANEL recently created a whole website to tell the history of the company and how it all came to be. There’s so much interesting information behind the company and perfume that we wanted to share it with all of our Roo Girls! The story dates all the way back to 1883 when Gabrielle Chanel was born.

Of course, CHANEL No 5 perfume is the most well-known of the CHANEL collection, and is one of the most well-known perfumes of the world. So, we were happy to see that “Chapter 1″ of “Inside CHANEL” started with the story of how CHANEL No 5 came to be! The fragrance was created in 1921 for the first time, and has such a beautiful story behind it. Watch it here:

We loved learning the story behind the perfume coming to be was that Chanel sought to create:

“A woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent. Her scent should be as important as her style of dress. A woman should wear perfume wherever she would like to be kissed.”

Chanel quoteThe perfume was the first time a perfume wasn’t based on only one floral scent, and it certainly made an impact on the perfume industry from there on out. It’s become a classic and iconic scent that has truly tested time. It’s even been honored by the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and the famous artist Andy Warhol even included it in a series of his paintings! And of course, you can’t look over Marilyn Monroe being known for wearing the perfume, revealing that she wears to bed, “just a few drops of No 5.” And, ever since then, so many more celebrities, even Brad Pitt, have promoted the perfume. Our favorite part of the whole first video, though may be how it ended: “No 5 resists the whims of fashion and the passage of time, as of Mademoiselle Chanel had found the formula for the feminine eternal.” It definitely sounds like she has!

There’s so much more to the CHANEL story than just this Chapter 1 video, though, and definitely too much to include in only one blog post! There are 10 full “Chapters” to the story, as well as an interactive timeline, all on their website at If you love CHANEL and CHANEL perfume, it’s definitely a fun website to check out. Enjoy!

 Source: Chanel

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Kim and Kanye on the Cover of Vogue!

It’s been all the talk lately – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, better known as “Kimye” gracing the April 2014 cover of Vogue Magazine! Vogue boldly marked the importance of Kimye by including the subtitle of, “Their Fashionable Life and Surreal Times, #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple,” on the cover, and it’s left everyone in a frenzy.


Those in the fashion industry are up-in-arms over Vogue’s choice and declaration, saying that they aren’t even a good representation of a fashionable couple and what Vogue stands for as a magazine. From hilarious reactions on Twitter to some even threatening to cancel their subscriptions, everyone’s definitely had an opinion over this cover! There’s even been some funny Kimye Vogue cover spoofs – from James Franco and Seth Rogan, to The Muppets’ Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy (‘Kermie & Piggy’ on the cover!), to even Kylie and Kendall Jenner! We love that the Jenner sisters can make fun of their cousin like that – so silly!


But, our favorite reaction may be Naomi Campbell’s. The 43-year-old supermodel appeared on Australia’s “The Morning Show,” where she beautifully demonstrated an important lesson – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

When one of the hosts of the show asked Naomi what she thought of the cover, she simply smiled and said, “I do not want to comment,” followed by a laugh and mention that she is a fashion model.

But, of course, the host was dissatisfied with this response and continued to prod her with an answer by asking if she thought, ”Kim and Kanye haven’t earned the right to be on the cover of Vogue?” Naomi simply replied with, “Those are your words, not mine. I’m being politically correct.” So classy! And, coming from a fashion model, so perfect!

With all this said, we think Kim looks gorgeous on the cover, and Kanye looks handsome, of course. we especially loved the gorgeous white strapless gown that Kim wore on the cover – it hugs her curves so perfectly!

What do you think of the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover photo? Leave us a comment below!


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Instagram Contest: Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

We already have a Tweetstakes with going on for March, but we now have another contest for you to help make sure our Roo Girls are prom ready! In our first ever Instagram Contest, we’re asking our Roo Girls to share their promposals with us for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Rissy Roo’s!


All you have to do is share your 2014 promposal with us by posting your picture to Instagram and using #ARooPromposal in the copy! Make sure to enter by Thursday March 27, 2014 – one winner will be announced on Friday, March 28, 2014.

The $50 gift certificate can be used on anything at! Use it to find your perfect prom dress, or look for a sexy after prom dress, or find perfect accessories to match your prom or after prom outfit! The sky’s the limit!

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Get Morgan Stewarts Spring Style!

The E! hit show #Richkids of Beverly Hills has every one talking! From the excessive spending and shopping to the ultra glamorous parties and dinners, the #Richkids cast has only the sky as their limit! Even though we may not be able to access the high fashion goods these newborn celebs have, we can still steal their style. #Richkids own blonde bombshell, Morgan Stewart, recently started her own blog and shared some of her favorite fashion items with us on Trendabl.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Star Morgan Stewart

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Star Morgan Stewart

One of her faves happens to be the CC Skye Sunset Boulevard clutch, which is an acrylic, transparent clutch with a removable chain. It just so happens this resembles our super fashionable La Regale 25550 transparent chain clutch in fuchsia!

La Regale 25550 Transparent Chain Clutch

La Regale 25550 Transparent Chain Clutch

We are seriously crushing on this ultra trendy clutch! Voted one of the “best gifts for her” on for Valentine’s Day, and loved by fashionista Morgan Stewart, this clutch is perfect for any special occasion or wild night on the town! Its transparent look and detachable chain give it an edgy appeal and versatile style. It can easily be paired with jeans for a night out with friends, or add a little funk to your formal outfit and wear it to prom!

We are loving this modern twist on the classic evening bag and love that Morgan Stewart agrees! The best part about this La Regale clutch is you don’t have to be rich to afford it! Priced at $37.00, you can have Morgan’s impeccable style without her hefty bank account. Plus, you can stock up on this style in multiple colors, so that you have a version to wear with every outfit. It also comes in colors Emerald and Royal.

Want more of Morgan Stewart fashion and #Richkids? Make sure to follow her on Trendablor check out her blog, Boobs & Loubs, for more #RichKids fashion finds!

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Tweetstakes: Win a Prom Beauty Gift Bag Including Jewelry and Makeup!

Our next Tweetstakes with our friends at is here! This time, we want to make sure our Roo Girls are ready not just with their prom dress, but with their jewelry and accessories, too.

rissyroos prom tweetstakes


In this Tweetstakes with, one lucky tweeter will win this amazing prom beauty gift bag from us! It includes everything that you’ll need for your big prom night: Helen’s Heart Crystal Stone Bracelet and Triple Teardrop Earrings, a Magid Leopard Print Clutch, Rissy Roo’s pink LED lip gloss, and Braza Add-A-Size Bust Enhancer. Perfect jewelry and accessories to make sure your prom outfit is complete!

Here’s what had to say about the Tweetstakes:

When planning for prom, it’s easy to get caught up in the big details – what dress you’ll be wearing, who your date is going to be, where you’re going to go for after-prom activities. Once you start thinking about all of that stuff, you tend to forget about the little things that are still important, like the accessories and jewelry you’re going to wear.

Well, don’t worry, girl. We’re here to help! One of you will win this amazing prom beauty gift bag from that includes almost everything you’ll need for your big night. The winner will receive a Helen’s Heart Crystal Stone bracelet and Tripe Teardrop earrings, a Magid leopard print clutch (if it doesn’t match your dress, use it for after-prom!), Rissy Roo’s pink LED lip gloss (the wand lights up so that it’s super easy to apply even if the lighting is dark), and Braza Add-A-Size Bust Enhancer (it adds a full cup size no matter what bra you’re wearing). Want to win this stuff? Enter by following us on Twitter and tweeting at us #prombaggurl. Good luck!

And, here’s how to enter:

STEP 1: Follow on Twitter at @gurldotcom.

STEP 2: Tweet at us #prombaggurl

The sweepstakes ends on March 26, 2014 at 12 noon EST. Good luck!

Read more:

This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter®.

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Getting Ready for the Big Day – Your Prom Timeline

The sooner you start thinking about prom, the better – you want to feel prepared so that you aren’t frazzled on the big day. Between finding a dress, a date, and a limo service, you’ve got a lot to figure out (not to mention you don’t want to pay for all these things in the same week!).

Planning is a lot easier when you lay out everything that you have to do and form a loose schedule. Here’s how we would do it.


Three to Four Months in Advance

These are the things you might have already started doing, or should definitely start doing soon. The big one is finding a date, if you choose to go with one! If you’ve got your eye on someone, and they haven’t asked you yet, you could always do the asking yourself. If not, you could always go alone and have a great time dancing! Of course, you should start shopping for prom dresses during this timeframe too, because your date is going to want to color coordinate and might have to rent a tux.


Two Months in Advance

Book your limo or trolley, if you’re taking one, two months in advance – remember, you might be competing with everyone else in your school or even local schools who have prom on the same night. You also want to figure out who else you’ll be sharing the vehicle with so that you can round up some money. If you’re not taking one, now’s a good time to start making plans for getting to and from the venue. Finally, make a hair appointment if you’re having someone do it professionally, because hair salons are busy this time of year and you can never book too far in advance.


One Month in Advance

If necessary, a month in advance is a good time to get your dress altered if it’s too long, too big, et cetera. Then, start accessory shopping for jewelry, shoes, and a clutch to match your dress. Start browsing hairstyles and makeup looks, and practicing if you’re doing them yourself.


Two Weeks in Advance

A few weeks before prom, start confirming appointments and reservations, like nail appointments and limo reservations. Decide where your group is going to meet for pictures and to be picked up by the limo, and make sure everyone is aware of the place and time. Find a local florist to order your date’s boutonniere if you’re taking someone.


One to Two Days in Advance

If you’re not getting your hair and makeup done professionally, do a dry run to make sure that you can do it the way you want it. Pack your clutch with your prom survival kit: makeup touch-ups, makeup wipes, a travel-sized hairspray, a few extra bobby pins, a stain removal stick and some feminine products are always essential. Pick up the boutonniere if you ordered one, and do your nails or get them done.

Day Of

Get pretty and have fun!

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Shop our MARCH MADNESS Sale!

Prom Season 2014 is in full swing! So, with the March Madness basketball season here, as well, we thought it would be fun to have a MARCH MADNESS Sale!

Our Sale Section has been reloaded and ready to go with so many new prom dress styles at deep discounts – up to 75% off! With dresses at such deep discounts, you’re bound to find a look you’ll love at a great price, whether for prom or another formal or semi-formal event. There’s now 800+ prom dresses and shoes on sale, so have fun browsing!

That’s not all, though – we’re also offering free shipping on orders of $100+ for the rest of the month! Just use code MARCHMADNESS at check-out.

March Madness Sale

 Need a little help with a place to start? If you love the dress used in our MARCH MADNESS picture above, it’s Night Moves style 6668, a sexy, hi-low silhouette that’s so perfect for prom…or even homecoming! This dress is a combination of sparkling sequins and chiffon. The chiffon bodice is ruched with a one-shoulder strap, while a stunning sequin skirt is revealed beneath a sheet layer of chiffon.

Click Here to shop the MARCH MADNESS Sale.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014 to all of our Roo Girls! We hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating the day of green and luck! As the saying goes, “Lucky is a state of mind.”

Just a Roo Reminder that today marks the last day of our “Lucky You” St. Patrick’s Day Sale. You can take an extra 25% off our sale dresses with code LUCKYROO until the end of the day today.

S. Patrick's Day 2014

If you want to go green for prom and love the dress in the picture above, it’s Night Moves style 6621. It’s a fit and flare gown with an asymmetrically ruched bodice with beading. The skirt is ruffled and has a sexy side split. It’s a perfect color to stand out at prom! This dress was originally $378 but is now on sale for only $189.99, plus take an extra 25% off through then end of today!

For some more green fun for St. Patrick’s Day and our sale, check out two more green dresses that we love:

Flirt p2668

Flirt by Maggie Sottero style P2668 is a stunning satin sheath gown that we’re loving in an apple green color. It has crystal jewels that elegantly surround the neck and accentuate the back. It used to be $396, but is now on sale for $198.99. Plus, take an extra 25% off today only!

Mac Duggal 6399n

 For a fun and flirty look, we’re all about Mac Duggal style 6399N. Demure yet daring, this short cocktail dress is so perfect for prom or homecoming. The asymmetrical draping has a dressy look and feel while the ruffled tiers of chiffon give the dress a fun and flirty feel. Gathered chiffon on the bodice, waist, and ruffled chiffon on the skirt with a rhinestone pendant on the center front and beaded straps gives it just the right hint of elegance.

We hope everyone has fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Click Here to shop our St Patrick’s Day 2014 Sale.

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St Patrick’s Day 2014 Sale

St. Patricks Day is almost here and we are getting in a very GREEN mood here at Rissy Roo’s! To celebrate the day of luck, we thought we’d bring our Roo Girls a little luck with a St Patrick’s Day 2014 Sale!

So, to help you have a little Luck of the Irish in finding your Prom Dress, take an extra 25% off our sale dresses with code LUCKYROO! With our sale dresses already so deeply discounted, it doesn’t get much easier than this to find your prom dress, or any other semi-formal or formal dress that you may need, at a great price. Your luck runs out at the end of the day on Monday, 3/17, though, so don’t miss out.

Click Here to shop our St Patrick’s Day 2014 Sale.

St Patrick's Day 2014 Sale

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