One Direction’s New Perfume ‘You & I!’

One Direction made the Internet go crazy yesterday (as usual) when they gave Directioners clues about a big announcement that would be coming soon. After some minor (and by minor, we mean huge) panic attacks, the 1D boys finally revealed what they had in store for their fans! If you’re reading this, we’re sure you probably already know what the big surprise ended up being…but if you don’t…it’s that 1D announced the release of their brand new perfume, called “You and I.” This is their third perfume, so we’re happy to report that there’s a brand new one available to continue to smell like our favorite rock stars.

One Direction's new perfume!

Seventeen Magazine caught up with the boys and got the scoop behind the new perfume from Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. The two boys told Seventeen all about what went into making their latest scent…and even more…like who inspires them when things get a little nuts on the road and what makes a girl sexy.

This was Liam’s response to how they chose their latest scent:

“We went through a list of things and found what we liked and what we didn’t like – what our girlfriends would wear and stuff, and that’s kind of how we got around to it.”

-Liam Payne

And, here’s what Louis had to say on naming the perfume “You and I”

“We loved the song, and obviously it’s quite personal. [The song] is a personal thing, and it’s a personal thing with the fragrance, too – so that was the whole idea behind that. The title was actually the hardest thing for this one!”

-Louis Tomlinson

Want to read more about what Liam and Louis had to say about the perfume and other 1D thoughts and news? Check out Seventeen’s article “One Direction Dish About Their New Perfume, the Best Part of Being in a Band, and What Makes a Girl Sexy!

Will you be rocking the One Direction new perfume? Leave us a comment below!


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Paris Hilton Wears Mac Duggal In Her New Video Come Alive!

Paris Hilton’s newest single “Come Alive” finally came out on July 15, 2014, and we’re loving it! The song is so much fun, and the video is so whimsical, with Paris frolicking in an open field, hanging out on a cloud, swinging on a swing full of beautiful flowers…and there’s even a unicorn and a rainbow! Check out the video here:

We love the chorus and overall message:

“You make me smile, you make me dream, you make me feel alive. You make me dance, you make me feel, you make me come to life, you make me come alive, you make me feel alive.”

Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who made you feel that way?? And of course, Paris looks as gorgeous as ever with her diamond encrusted nails and flower filled hair. There’s one other reason we’re digging Paris’ look, though: did you catch her wearing one of our favorite dress designers in the video? She rocked Mac Duggal style 3908A in the part of the video where she’s with the unicorn!

Paris Hilton in Mac Duggal 3908A in "Come Alive" music video!

Mac Duggal 3908A is a fully sequined, high fashion gown with an open back that looked absolutely fabulous on Paris! The sequins on this gown had Paris sparkling perfectly within her video, and really helped her “come alive!” The whole scene with her in the sparkly Mac Duggal gown, with the unicorn and rainbow in the background looked like something out of a dream!

MacDuggal 3908A

While the color that Paris wore in the video is no longer available, Mac Duggal 3908A is also available in a show-stopping Peacock color, which you can see above. It’s definitely the perfect way to feel like a celebrity at Prom or your next formal event!

Do you love the Paris Hilton Come Alive music video as much as we do? Leave your comments below and let us know!


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Rissy Roo’s Prom Dress Testimonial: Kiara and Kiana Chiles

Prom 2014 may be over, but we still have so many more prom testimonials to share with you from our Roo Girls! The latest is from sisters Kiara and Kiana Chiles. Their mom recently sent us a prom picture of them together both wearing their Rissy Roo’s prom dresses, and they look fabulous!

Alicia, their mom, said:

“Thank you Rissy Roo’s for the great service and the beautiful dresses!”

And, here are the two girls, looking so gorgeous:

Kiara and Kiana Chiles in their Rissy Roo's Prom Dresses

Both girls are wearing Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner dresses. Kiara (left) is wearing Sticks & Stones by Mori Lee 9199, a short strapless ombre tulle cocktail dress with beading and a corset back. Kiana (right) is wearing Sticks & Stones by Mori Lee 9253, a strapless party dress with beautiful ombre beading on the bodice, corset back, and a short tulle shirt.

Both of these dresses are such fun looks, and Kiara and Kiana rocked them so well! While these girls wore their short Mori Lee dresses to Prom, these two looks are versatile enough to also rock at Homecoming, or even for a Sweet 16 birthday party.

Thank you, Alicia, for sending us the picture! We’re glad that Kiara and Kiana had such a wonderful time at their Prom!


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College Dorm Room Must Haves!

For those girls getting ready to take the giant leap off to college in the Fall, you have a million things running through your minds. From picking out your classes and trying to get to know your new roommate, to shopping and attempting to pack the 18 years worth of stuff you have accumulated in a few boxes, your head is spinning. Now is the time to put everything aside and really make sure you have the most important, absolutely cannot live without, items to take with you in order to help make your dorm room a livable space. It is better to be prepared so you can arrive in your new environment as stress free as possible! We did some searching and thought these were the top college dorm room must haves for any new girl on campus!

1. Extra Long Sheets and Bed Raisers

There is nothing worse than seeing the bed you will be sleeping in for the next year and realizing the sheets you bought were for a regular twin size bed. Be sure to get extra long (soft) sheets and probably a mattress pad if you want to sleep well. Bed raisers are a space and life saver when it comes to dorm rooms. Some raisers now come with other functionality like power and USB outlets included in one of the raisers! Brilliant!

Dorm Room Must Haves-7 Inch Power Bed Raisers

7 Inch Power Bed Raisers Available at Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Flip Flops and Caddy for the Shower

Yes, sharing a bathroom with several people can be a horrifying thought at first, especially if you were privileged enough to never have to. However, you can avoid feeling any discomfort by buying a pair of non-slip flip-flops to shower in, and a cute shower caddy to conveniently carry all of your rub-a-dub goodies so nothing gets lost or goes MIA. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your expensive products in the communal bathroom!

3. Over the Door Vanity with Mirror and Extra Hooks

We promise, this is one dorm room essential you may not have thought of, but will save you so much hassle! You will have a place to do your makeup, organize beauty supplies, hang jewelry, scarves, keys, or whatever you would like! The over-the-door feature will keep everything securely in place, while saving space and allowing your desk to be clutter free and used for what it’s supposed to…studying!

Dorm Room Must Haves-Over the Door Vanity with Mirror and Hooks

Over the Door Vanity with Mirror, Shelves, and Extra Hooks

4. Mini Fridge and Personal Utensils

Having a miniature fridge and eating utensils in your dorm room is a necessity! Even though you may be eating at the dining hall when you can, it is important to keep healthy snacks on hand at all times. Having a fridge will save you money because you can go to the local market and buy bottled water, fruit, yogurt, or any of your favorites and keep them in your room instead of running to a vending machine or local pizza place whenever you get hungry. The dining hall may not be open all the time so keep this dorm room must have on your list, especially if you play sports or stick to a particular diet.

College Dorm Room Must Haves-Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge with Dry Erase Markers

5. Organizational Dry Erase Board

With so much going on in your new college lifestyle, it can be hard to keep track of exams, papers, socials, and everyday stuff. This is why we suggest getting some type of organizational board to hang on your dorm room wall to keep track of your busy schedule. Something with a dry erase board is perfect because you can easily keep track of daily tasks like tests or meetings, as well as weekly things like parties, laundry, shopping lists etc. Having one of these is having your schedule mapped out right in front of you, so no task will be missed.

Now that you have the essentials for your dorm room, you can focus on the fun part of Fall, like shopping for your first homecoming dress for your new school! With so many parties and socials ahead, you will be busier then you can ever imagine, but you will be happy you have these dorm room essentials in your arsenal to keep you organized and stress free!

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RHONJ Season 6 Cast Start it off Right in Jovani!

It looks like the drama is heating up this Summer with the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” coming back, bigger and better than ever. Some new old faces are rejoining the cast, as well as some new, which is a winning recipe for explosive drama. Season 6 will be picking up with the return of Season 1 favorite cast member, Dina Manzo, as well an addition of three new housewives into the mix. The Guidice legal drama is still going on, which is a whirlwind of ups and downs on its own.

The RHONJ Season 6 cast make their return to the show looking just gorgeous as always! The Season 6 preview has two of the lovely housewives wearing one of our favorite designers, Jovani!

RHONJ Start the Season Right in Jovani

RHONJ Start the Season Right in Jovani!

Two of the wives, identical twin sisters, Nicole Mauriello and Teresa Aprea are both stunning in Jovani and JVN designs. Notice Nicole wearing a Jovani strapless pink evening gown. Meanwhile, her sister Teresa opted for a strapless red evening gown with an embellished sparkly neckline by JVN, Jovani’s newest line, which is more affordable, yet still super stylish and chic.

Nicole Mauriello in Jovani 111144

Nicole Mauriello in Jovani

Teresa Aprea in Jovani's new line, JVN

Teresa Aprea in Jovani’s new line, JVN

With the season just getting started, we can’t wait to see what these ladies have in store as far as their gorgeous fashion, wild parties, and out of control TV moments. These are women we truly love to watch and must admit this show and their fashion choices are guilty pleasures we love to indulge in! What crazy things do these women have up their sleeves for Season 6? I guess we will have to watch to find out! Stay tuned for more fashion updates!

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Become a Faviana Runway Model!

Faviana is holding a fabulous contest that we wanted to make sure all of our Roo Girls knew about! If you have ever wanted to be a fashion model, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! The famous homecoming and prom dress designer Faviana is hosting its first ever model search for the fashion shows in August! One winner will participate in Atlanta’s runway shows from August 6, 2014 – August 10, 2104. Tomorrow’s the final day to enter, though, so listen up!

Click here for info on how to become a Faviana Fashion Model!

Click here for info on how to become a Faviana Fashion Model!

The market in Atlanta is for prom and social occasion retailers to purchase their Spring 2015 collections and is the single largest market for this area of the fashion industry. So, you can only imagine the exposure you can get if you are hoping to get into the fashion and modeling industry!

As a runway model, the winner will have their hair and make up done each morning for five days and will walk in over 20 fashion shows! The winner will have the exclusive opportunity to see a behind the scenes look at the fashion industry as designers present their collections to buyers.

As mentioned above, July 29th is the final day to enter this model contest, so get on it if you’re interested. You can click here to go to Faviana’s Contest Page, or click the image above. GOOD LUCK to all our Roo Girls who enter!

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2014 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Beauty Trends!

The beauty trends for Haute Couture Fashion week are anything but average. In fact, the typical adjectives used to capture the art displayed by various designers and artists include wild, eclectic, and whimsical. However non-realistic and daring these hair and makeup looks may be, they always seem to have an underlying layer of prettiness drawing us to them and tempting us to give them a try on our own mini runways in everyday life. Here are a few of the 2014 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week beauty trends we enjoyed the most and would be willing to try for Fall and Homecoming 2014.

Chanel Haute Couture 2014

2014 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Beauty Trends-Chanel Haute CoutureEach model rocked a sequin cap with a feathered, extremely piece-y up-do. We love this rocker goes glam inspired look complete with metallic winged eyeliner. The silver and gold glow on the eyes reminds of Winter and the holidays!

Atelier Versace Haute Couture 2014

Atelier Versace Haute Couture 2014-Paris Haute Couture Beauty TrendsMove over barely there eye makeup. It looks like Atelier Versace went all out with an all over eye color and gave new meaning to winged eyes. Instead of a winged tip, these models had fully winged eyelids in teal for a sultry dramatic effect, which was balanced with nude lips and high slick backed top knots! This look has 70′s disco party all over it and we are ready to put on a jumper and dance.

On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture 2014

On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture- 2014 Paris Haute Couture Beauty TrendsThe models for this show walked in an ethereal water wonderland with violet shadowed, sunken eyes, also lined in metallic silvers giving an icy winter presence. The tight pin curls on the models have a wet look, which ties in with the entire Haute Couture collection being inspired by water. We can certainly get “aboard” with this look for the Fall and Winter months ahead.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014

2014 Paris Haute Couture Beauty Trends-Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014We thought adhesive eyelashes were a miracle, but we didn’t know what was coming next. Makeup artists for the Christian Dior Haute Couture show kept the trending curve going with metallic eyes, only with the exception of using silver adhesive liners instead. We would give these “Velvet Eyes” adhesive liners a go for their perfect shapes, bold colors, and long wear appeal.

After reviewing our favorite beauty trends of 2014′s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, we feel less disappointed knowing Summer will eventually come to an end. Knowing we will have exciting makeup, hair, and fashion trends to look forward to certainly puts our minds at ease!

Which of the above trends did you like or dislike? Are there any you would be willing to try for the 2014 Fall and Homecoming season?

Sources: Glamour Magazine;

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The 2014 VMAs Nominees Are Here!

One of the most popular award shows is just around the corner, but it isn’t the one where big speeches are made and tears are shed. Instead, it is the show of laughs and fun, and where coveted trophies of “Moonmen” are given out. Yes, the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards will be on August 24th, and the nominees have officially been announced! This year’s nominees include some awesome collaborations, as well as your favorite and pretty expected musicians! We are hoping the show will be a blast, but as far as the nominees go, there are no major surprises, just super hits!

The 2014 VMAs nominees for Best Video of the Year include Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX for “Fancy,” Beyoncé ft. JAY Z for “Drunk In Love,” Pharrell Williams for “Happy,” Sia for “Chandelier,” and Miley Cyrus for her outstanding hit “Wrecking Ball.”

It's VMA Season and the Nominees Are In- Miley Cyrus and "Wrecking Ball" for Best Video of the Year

The top ladies in music who continue to take the world by storm include Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX with her hit “Fancy,” which is also nominated for Best Female Video. Iggy is nominated twice in the category for Best Pop Video for “Fancy” and her collaboration with Ariana Grande in “Problem.” Ms. Grande is also nominated twice for “Problem” having a shot at Best Female Video as well. Way to go ladies! Beyonce, Lorde, and Katy Perry also join in the category for having nods for Best Female Video! Should be a very close vote in this category and we can’t wait to see who the winner is!

It's VMA Season and the Nominees Are Here! Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea "Problem"

One of the more interesting categories announced was for Best Video with a Social Message. We love this category because it honors the artist not only for his or her musical talent, but for spreading a positive word to young people everywhere. The 2014 VMA nominees for this category are Angel Haze ft. SIA with “Battle Cry,” Avicii with “Hey Brother,” Beyoncé with her song “Pretty Hurts,” J. Cole ft. TLC and “Crooked Smile,” Kelly Rowland  with “Dirty Laundry,” and David Guetta ft. Mikky Ekko with the song “One Voice.”

We loved the awesome collaborations that took place this year and we are really looking forward to see which artists will bring home the Moonman for Best Collaboration of the Year. It is tricky when one artist is great, but when they pair up with someone else amazing they really create phenomenal music! Will Ariana Grande ft. Izzy Azalea beat out Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. and “Dark Horse?” Or what about Beyonce ft. Jay Z for “Drunk in Love?” How will we ever tell? All we know is the show is going to be great and we are counting down the days to see the fashion, performances, and unexpected!

Which artists do you want to see take home a VMA moonman? Share your comments with us!

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Selena Gomez Dazzles at Ischia Global Film and Music Festival

Selena Gomez once again has shown off her incredible fashion prowess, donning more gorgeous gowns in the past 72 hours than many of us will get to wear in a lifetime.  Gomez, who turns 22 tomorrow (July 22), spent the weekend attending the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest in Italy this past weekend and definitely did so in style.

Gomez kicked things off by attending the premiere of her new film Rudderless wearing a sheer polka-dot maxi dress with oversized pockets by Emanuel Ungaro.  The look proved to pull off the difficult feat of being both sexy while fun at the same time.  A pair of black Casadei pumps completed the ensemble.

Selena Gomez in a sheer polka dot maxi dress by Emanuel Ungaro At a press conference the following day, the former Disney star went the risque route sporting a white bra under a sheer lace and feathered garb.  Once again, Casadei pumps finished off her look, this time in white.

selena gomez white bra lace bluemarine dressFor a black-tie gala dinner, Gomez adorned the Pièce de résistance, a plunging neckline Kayat gown encrusted in gorgeous rhinestones and accompanied by a revealing thigh-high slit.  For footwear, you guessed it, black Casadei pumps.

Selena Gomez Ischia Film Festival in black plunging neckline rhinestone-encrusted Kayat gown with thigh-high slitWhile walking the streets of Ischia, Gomez rocked a summery frock by Zimmerman, a Mustard Midi dress with a vibrant confetti print and white embroidery at the hemline.  Oh yeah, the sandals, they’re Casadei.

selena gomez in zimmerman mustard miniWhat’s your favorite look from Selena’s weekend in Ischia?

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2014 Overstock Blowout Sale EXTENDED Thru Sunday!

You read it right…out 2014 Overstock Blowout Sale is EXTENDED through Sunday, July 20th! Keep shopping all of those great deals and stock up for Homecoming, Prom, or any other formal, semi-formal, or party that you have to attend! Click here to get shopping.

Rissy Roo's 2014 Overstock Blowout Sale EXTENDED thru Sunday!

Love the dress in this picture? It’s Sherri Hill style 21279, a sexy lace one shoulder evening gown with side cut outs and long sleeves. It used to be $580.00, but is now on sale for only $463.99 for out Blowout Sale! Get it at this super low price through Sunday.

Happy Shopping, Roo Girls!

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