Katy Perry’s Firework Dress Wins The Super Bowl Halftime Show!

The NFL Super Bowl XLIX was a football game for the ages! From start to finish, it was a spectacular event, especially Katy Perry’s Halftime Show! Lenny Kravitz, Missy Eliot, and Katy Perry were an amazing mash-up to see on-stage. The beach scene was amazing, and we all know that Katy Perry’s left shark stole the show. But, there was one other thing that stole the Super Bowl Halftime Show for us Roo Girls: Katy Perry’s firework dress!

Katy Perry Halftime Show Firework Dress

She truly shinned during her performance in her floor length sparkly gown, which matched her song, “Firework,” perfectly. It was a sparkly one shoulder dress with funky stars all over it! She’s a ‘star’ that was dressed as a star, and rode around on a star! Could we expect anything less from the singer that always has something new to wow the crowd with? Plus, one shoulder dresses are a popular look for prom this year, so we loved that Katy rocked the trend so flawlessly!

While you may not be able to get her fancy stars on your prom dress, rocking a silver one shoulder dress for prom couldn’t be easier! See two of our favorite looks below to get the Katy Perry Firework dress.

Faviana 7532

Faviana 7532Faviana 7532 sparkles and shines just like Katy’s dress! It’s a one shoulder baby sequin sweetheart prom gown with beaded trim. The open back on this dress is absolutely stunning and reminds us of a sexy look that Katy would wear herself!

Madison James 15-138

Madison James 15-138

Madison James 15-138 is all about being bold, just like fireworks! It’s an asymmetric, sequined bandage dress that truly glows. It’s a figure flattering look that will have you standing out in the crowd, whether for prom or any other formal event.

Did you love Katy Perry’s Firework dress? What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Leave a comment and let us know!

Sources: HollywoodLife, getty


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Mac Duggal Hosts Miami Fashion Show During Miss Universe 2014!

Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, was finally crowned last week, and one of our favorite dress designers was of course at the forefront of the pageant providing gorgeous gowns for all of the contestants: Mac Duggal! The dress designer’s latest prom styles and never-before-seen pageant gowns were on display in Miami from the red carpet, to the runway, to the Miss Universe pageant. In combination with La Casa Hermosa and AMerican Model Magazine, Mac Duggal hosted a special Miami fashion show to kick off the Miss Universe Pageant!

The event was hosted at the historic Beauville Beach Resort in Miami, a perfect place to watch such gorgeous gowns walk the runway! American Model Magazine started the evening off with a photo shoot where all of the models got to show off their Mac Duggal gowns in front of a beautiful backdrop. In the photo below, American Model Magazine models are showing off Mac Duggal 4152 (left) and Mac Duggal 65024 (right).

American Model Magazine models wearing Mac Duggal 4152M and Mac Duggal 65024A

After the photo shoot, it was time to start walking the red carpet! On the red carpet, Miss South Florida USA, Lisa Opie interviewed Mac Duggal to learn all about what’s going on in the pageant world. He spoke about the latest trends and his contribution to all things pageant! Watch the interview here:

Once the interviews were complete and the photos taken, it was finally time for the runway show to begin. The runway models showed off some of the latest Spring 2015 prom dresses, but also unveiled some brand new pageant gowns that have never been seen before. It was definitely the perfect way to get in the mood for the Miss Universe pageant!

Mac Duggal 10042

Above is Mac Duggal 10042, a stunning lace dress that’s part of Mac Duggal’s Spring 2015 prom collection.

Mac Duggal 85441

Above is Mac Duggal 85441, a floral hot shorts gown that’s also part of Mac Duggal’s Spring 2015 prom collection.

There were many more stunning dresses to be seen during the Mac Duggal Miami Fashion Show! To see all of the red carpet, fashion show, and photo shoot pictures, head over to Mac Duggal’s Facebook page. All of the photos are in their Mac Duggal Miami Fashion Show album!

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Creative Promposal Ideas

There’s many ways to ask someone to prom (called a promposal!) – you can keep it simple and go with a straightforward invitation, or you can get as creative as your mind lets you! Whether you’re a girl asking the guy to prom, or waiting for the guy to ask you, it’s always fun to find a creative, unique way to do it. Afterall, it’s a special night and one you’ll never forget, so there’s nothing wrong with making the invitation special, too!

We’ve been especially loving searching Pinterest for all of the cute ways people are being asked to prom. Below are some of our favorites – we hope they give you some great ideas of your own!


If you want to keep your promposal simple, there’s still plenty of creative ways that you can ask the question. We love the idea of getting a Starbucks barrista to write “Prom?” on a specially made drink for your sweetheart. It’s so simple, but will be sure to take your date by surprise and put a big smile on his or her face. The icing on the cake to asking your date with this method is to make sure you order his or her favorite drink.


Another simple and cute way to ask someone to prom is with a teddy bear, of course! Because, who doesn’t love teddy bears?? A cute thing to do to add a personal touch could be to spray the bear with your perfume or cologne; this way, the bear will smell like you!

Teddy Bear


Looking for a romantic way to ask someone to prom? We love the idea of asking on a ferris wheel – it will feel like the movies!

Ferris wheel

Another super romantic way to get asked to prom is with lots and lots of roses, of course! We love this photo of a boyfriend asking his girlfriend to prom by spelling out “Prom?” on her bed with rose pedals.


Super Sweet

For a super sweet promposal, you can’t go wrong with…sweets! Find a unique and fun way to pop the question with cookies, cupcakes, or chocolate, and you’ll be sure to have a sweet, sweet evening.

We love the idea of getting custom M&M’s that say “Prom?” on them! It really shows that the person put a lot of time and effort into the idea. After all, they have to be specially ordered from M&M’s!


If you love baking, put your skills to work and make your own sweets for your promposal! We love how creative these cookies are – you choose the cookie that displays your answer! (How couldn’t you say “heck yes!”??)


Fun and Cheesy

Finding a funny way to ask your date to prom can help to lighten to mood for something that can seem serious and a little scary. Coming up with a cute slogan like, “Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” will lighten the mood in an instant and have you both giving a good chuckle. And of course, how could you say “no” to a new little fishy friend?? Just make sure to take care of it!


When we say cheesy, we mean cheesy! We thought this idea was just too cute, and for sure gave us a good laugh! It’s definitely a fun…and delicious…way to ask your date to prom!

Pizza Pie

Personal and Meaningful

If you are in a relationship with the person you want to ask to prom, it’s always a good choice to find a more meaningful way to ask the question. Since you are in a committed relationship with the person, you already know that you can expect a resounding “yes” to your promposal, so you can really pull out all the stops without being afraid! Especially for the seniors, this is probably your last big event of the year with your significant other, so make it special!

The Disney movie “UP” is both a sad and happy movie about a widower, so we loved seeing how a boyfriend found a creative way to incorporate the movie into his promposal!

Balloons 400x400

It hands down doesn’t get much cuter than asking someone to prom with a kitty! But, we put this in the “Personal and Meaningful” section because this is not something you want to do without knowing that the person you are giving the cat to can take care of the animal. You should talk to your date and his or her family ahead of time to make sure that they are ready, willing, and able to take care of the kitty as their new family pet.


Were you asked to prom already? Or are planning to ask someone to prom soon? Leave us a comment below and let us know about it!

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Valentine’s Day Pinterest Contest: WIN Your Prom Dress!

It’s Contest time at Rissy Roo’s! With two of our favorite days to dress up right around the corner (Valentine’s Day and Prom), we thought it the perfect time to do some pinning… and win a free dress in the process! Enter our Be Our Valentine Pinterest Contest and show us what you’re crushing on for Prom 2015 for a chance to win your prom dress for free! Just follow the instructions below. You can read the full instructions and contest details on our Entry Form page.


  1. Follow Rissy Roo’s on Pinterest (pinterest.com/rissyroos)
  2. Create a board titled: “What I’m Crushing On From RissyRoos.com”
  3. Re-Pin the below image from the Contests board on our Pinterest page & pin at least 20 images from www.RissyRoos.com onto your board. Make sure to include at least 1 dress, but feel free to also pin shoes, purses, & jewelry from our site! Use #CrushingOnRissyRoos in your pins.
  4. Fill out the Entry Form at: http://www.rissyroos.com/pinterest-promotion

Entries will be judged on boards that have a combination of the most followers, pin the most images from www.RissyRoos.com (at least 20 images), and that we feel are the most creative in depicting their excitement for Prom through images on www.RissyRoos.com. You have until February 12th to put your pinning skills to work! The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

We <3 all our Roo Girls, so we hope you have fun showing us what you <3 from Rissy Roo’s for prom with our Valentine’s Day pinterest contest! Good luck and happy pinning!

Be Our Valentine Pinterest Contest

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Miss Universe 2014: Miss Columbia, Paulina Vega!

All of the hard work of the Miss Universe 2014 contestants finally came to an end this past Sunday, and our new Miss Universe has officially be crowned! Out of contestants from over 80 countries, one pageant queen was chosen: Miss Columbia Paulina Vega! Congrats, Paulina! Last year, Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, took the Miss Universe crown, so for the second year in a row, the crown is being worn by a Latina.

Miss Columbia is the new Miss Universe 2014!

This year’s Miss Universe pageant was held in our home turf, in the USA (Miami, FL to be exact!). And, that’s our very own Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, all the way to the right in the picture above. We were, of course, rooting for her, and she made it all the way to be the first runner-up! The second runner-up was Miss Ukraine, Diana Harkusha, pictured in the middle above.

But, all eyes were on Paulina for good reason. Donald Trump, who owns the pageant, said that many thought that Paulina would be the Miss Universe Pageant Queen a few weeks ago when all of the contestants first arrived in Miami. Trump said, “from the minute she walked into the building, people said, ‘She’s a star.'” Trump and everyone else was definitely correct!

Paulina is a 22-year-old student of business administration from Barranquilla, Columbia. You could tell that she definitely has the poise of a business woman from the question and answer portion of the pageant! Professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek asked her what women could learn from men. She answered strongly and confidently that women can learn equality from men. Watch her response here (at the 4:15 mark):

Of course, our favorite part of the entire pageant were the gowns, though! Miss Columbia looked absolutely gorgeous in her sparkly silver deep v-neck gown. This is hands-down a look that’s perfect for prom! For a sparkly look like Paulina’s, go with BG Haute E01017.

BG Haute E01017

It’s a glamorously sexy full-length gown that features a deep v-neckline, beaded and sequined shoulder straps, a sultry open back with intersecting strap overplay, and a fitted bodice with a seductive side slit. It’s a classic look with just the right amount of glam!

Did you love watching Miss Universe 2014? Who was your choice to win? Leave a comment below!

Sources: Yahoo! News, AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

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Rissy Roo’s Dress Testimonial: Macie Buch

A new year always means lots of new events to attend, which gets us excited to not only help all of our Roo Girls find their perfect dresses, but to then get to see them all dressed up at their events! Our most recent dress testimonial comes from Macie Buch and her mom Jennifer Wyers-Buch. Macie recently attended her Majors ball and wore one of our favorite new looks from our Spring 2015 collection: Sherri Hill 32146. Jennifer sent us the below pictures of Macie and said:

“Just thought we’d share a pic with the Rissy Roo’s staff. This dress by Sherri Hill was the talk of the Majors Ball in Indianapolis last night. Thank you so much!!”

Sherri Hill 32146

We thought this picture was too cute! Macie certainly looked flawless in her leopard print Sherri Hill dress! The number she chose is a fun and flirty cocktail dress that features not only the stand-out leopard print full taffeta skirt, but also a shiny, chunky black beaded strapless bodice, hidden side pockets (which you can see in the picture of Macie blow), and a peek-a-boo layer of pink tulle underneath the skirt. It’s such a chic look, and Macie showed it off so well!

Sherri Hill 32146

Check out those so practical hidden pockets! Macie’s posing here with her cheerleader friend Danielle Ludlam. They both look so cute in their two-toned dresses.

We loved everything about Macie’s look – from her dress (of course), to her loose curls, simple makeup, and statement necklace. It’s a perfect (flawless!) look for any semi-formal or formal event… from a Majors Ball, to Prom 2015, or even a Sweet 16. We can definitely see why she was the talk of the night!

Thank you, Jennifer and Macie, for sending in your pictures! We hope you had an amazing time at your ball, and we can’t wait to see you dressed up for your next event. Cheer on!

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Valentine’s Day Dresses You’ll LOVE for V-Day 2015!

January 2015 is coming to an end, which means it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day! With February 14th just around the corner (important: it’s on a Saturday this year!), it’s high time to shop for that perfect V-Day look. So, to help you get ready for the day of LOVE, we’ve put together our Valentine’s Day Shop, a specially curated section of sexy Valentine’s Day dresses!

Valentine's Day Dresses

Choose from stunning lace dresses, sweetheart dresses, red dresses, little black dresses, and so much more! Whether a sexy cocktail dress or an elegant gown for a Sweetheart Dance, a night out with friends, or a romantic dinner, you’ll definitely find your perfect Valentine’s Day dress.

We are specially loving the dress above: Faviana 7623! It’s a short lace dress with intricate details that include a mild v-neck, a crisscross back, and lovely lace throughout that transcends the lining at the base of the dress. This dress is V-Day perfect, but is also such a classic look that you could wear it to any other party, semi-formal, or formal event that you may have. Just dress it up or down with accessories!

Are you excited for V-Day? Do you have plans yet? Leave a comment below and let us know what your doing or what you want to wear!


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Selena Gomez in Winter White at the Golden Globes After Party 2015

While watching the Golden Globes is so much fun, the party (and stunning looks) never end at the awards show. The fun always continues at the after-parties, and all the celebs have even more gorgeous looks to show off! The looks worn at this year’s Golden Globes after parties were just as stunning as what was worn on the Golden Globes red carpet.

While we’re obsessing over so many of the outfits, there’s one that stood out from the crowd for us: Selena Gomez’s sleek and sexy plunge neck gown! We love the idea of rocking white well past the summer months, so to see Selena stand out in white during a winter awards show gave us the chills (in a totally good way, of course)!

Selena Gomez Golden Globes After Party 2015

Selena rocked the sexy plunge of this dress in such a classy way. She kept the accessories simple (and classic with a gold purse), and we love how she topped the whole look off with a soft red lip color. This look screams old Hollywood to us!

Our favorite party, though? That you can easily rock this look for prom! Go with Jovani 22884 to get the same exact sleek and sexy white plunge neck gown look. It’s a sexy jersey gown that features a plunging neckline and a low open back. Choose the Off White color to get Selena’s look, or go with one of the three other colors this classic dress comes in: Navy, Black, or Red. Which ever color you choose, this is a dress that will definitely have you feeling like a celebrity walking the red carpet!

Jovani 22884

What did you think of Selena’s Golden Globes After Party 2015 look? Is it one that you’d wear to prom or another formal event? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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2015 Golden Globes Fashion Trends: Yellow Dresses

There were so many glamorous trends being rocked on the 2015 Golden Globes red carpet. The lady celebrities looked beautiful in nude colored dresses and sexy lace numbers, but there was one trend that so many celebs wore that it was impossible to miss: yellow dresses! Leslie Mann, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Naomi Watts, and even Taylor Swift all wore shared of yellow for the Golden Globes, and we are obsessing over every single look! Check them out below.

Yellow dresses worn at the 2015 Golden GlobesYellow is a great color to rock to stand out in the crowd – it’s not a popular color like red, white, or black, but it’s so timeless. Plus, it looks great with a tan (hello, Spring and Summer months)! Did you notice another trend that all four of these ladies are rocking? Leslie, Jenna, Naomi, and Taylor’s Golden Globes dresses were all strapless dresses, too! Want to rock a strapless yellow gown for prom or your next formal event? Check out some of our favorites below!

Clarisse 2108

Rock an elegant sunflower colored strapless yellow gown with a ruched top like Taylor Swift with Clarisse 2108. It’s a chiffon prom gown with a beaded belt and a flared hemline. A dress like this will flatter any figure!

Tony Bowls 115573

Or, go for a lighter color yellow like Jenna Dewan Tatum with Tony Bowls 115573! This is a vibrant strapless lace illusion evening gown with a flowy chiffon skirt. We especially love this look because it incorporates two other popular Prom 2015 trends: illusion and lace.

Mac Duggal 51011

If you love the idea of rocking a lighter color yellow dress, but want something a little more modest without any illusion fabric, go with Mac Duggal 51011. This is definitely a gown that will have you feeling like royalty at prom, just like the celebs walking the red carpet! This dress features a strapless sweetheart neckline and a bodice that’s completely embellished with pearls, stones, and clear rhinestones. A slight keyhole opening is featured in the center of the bodice, and a long chiffon overlay extends all the way down to the floor into a delicate sweep train.

Alyce 6205

For a sparkly yellow look like Leslie Mann’s Golden Globes dress, go with Alyce 6205. It’s a velvet chiffon long dress with stud stones that are heavily beaded on the bodice and cascade down to the hemline. You’ll be sparkling just like the stars in this dress!

Did you love the yellow dress trend at this year’s Golden Globes? What other 2015 Golden Globes fashion trends are you loving? Leave a comment below!

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Holiday Weekend = FREE EARRINGS with Your Prom Dress!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend is here, which means that it’s a three day weekend – a perfect time to shop for prom! We know how big of a deal prom shopping can be, so we have a special gift for you to make it a little more fun. For MLK Weekend, get a free pair of earrings with your dress purchase! All you have to do is use Promo Code SHOPMLK at check-out.

Free Earrings with Prom Dress for MLK Weekend

We’ve been adding so many new dresses every single day for Prom 2015, and they are all stunning this year! Some of the newest designers that have been added include Intrigue by Blush, Tony Bowls, Shail K., and Jasz Couture.

The dress in the above image is part of Sherri Hill’s Spring 2015 collection – it’s Sherri Hill 11246, a two piece mermaid style evening gown that features a dotted illusion top with floral appliques and a fit and flare skirt with matching floral appliques. We’re obsessing over this look!

Whether for prom or your casual street clothes, we hope you have lots of fun shopping this holiday weekend (and love your free earrings if you do find your prom dress)! As always, feel free to contact us if you need help finding your perfect dress.

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