Star Wars Day Inspiration for Prom

With Star Wars Day is officially here (May 4th)! We know many girls are still on the hunt for their perfect prom dress, so we wanted to send out some good vibes today. So, without further adieu… May the Force (ahem… May the FOURTH!) be with you in aligning the stars and finding your perfect prom dress today. In the words of Yoda, “Find your prom dress, you will.”

Scala 48435Since today is also Manciure Monday, we’re definitely feeling the force in putting together a Star Wars inspired prom look! We found some Star Wars nail art looks we loved on Pinterest, which you can see above, and we paired it with a prom dress that is so Star Wars worthy: Scala 48435! The stars (and galaxies) will align for the perfect evening gown when you slip into this electrifying creation. Radiantly lustrous material is overlaid by intricate patterns for a richly textured look, and glittering sequins add a healthy dose of glitz. From its sweetheart neckline to its sweep train, this gown reminds us of the beauty of the stars above.

Even though you probably won’t be rocking Star Wars nails at prom, we thought this Scala prom dress was the perfect way to bring a little geeky inspiration to the dance floor. That’s not to say we’d totally be all about rocking a bold nail look like the ones above at prom! After all, prom night is all about you – be comfortable and confidence in whatever outfit you choose.

Or, if you want to bring some Star Wars fun to After Prom, we love Faviana 7210 in gold because it reminds us of C-3P0! The foil jersey dress material glistens just like C-3PO…. in a totally sexy way in this case, of course! This dress used to be $278, but is now on sale for only $194.99 (with only a few left), so it makes for a super affordable After Prom dress that you can easily wear again for many other events.

Faviana 7210

Want to add some extra fun? If your prom date is totally into Star Wars and geeky culture, too, get him to wear a cute Star Wars bow tie like this one or this one with his prom tuxedo! We’re pretty sure all of your date’s guy friends will be geeking out over the bow tie and wishing their prom date was as cool as you!

May the Fourth be with you today, and especially on your prom day!


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Ariel Winter’s Promposal Surprise Is Super Cute (And Funny)

Prom 2015 has brought prom proposals to new heights. Basically the days of simply just popping the question and asking someone to prom is over…. especially when it comes to celebrity promposals. Luckily, boyfriend of Modern Family star Ariel Winter knew he had a big task on hand asking a celebrity to prom, and had just the right tricks up his sleeve for Ariel’s promposal. Because… not even being someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend is enough to get out of promposals anymore!

So, Ariel’s boyfriend convinced a friend to pop out of a box, holding a “PROM?” sign, and throw flowers at Ariel. And, when we say throw flowers… we mean literally just chuck a bunch of flowers right at Ariel! We think they were flower petals that were supposed to be lightly tossed at Ariel. But, as the saying goes, you say “to-may-to,” I say “to-mah-to.” It’s pretty hilarious (and cute!), and Ariel got a good laugh out of it, too. Watch the cute promposal video below to see for yourself!

What do you think of the Ariel Winter promposal? It seems to fit her personality perfectly to us! And, her and her boyfriend look like they have a lot of fun together!

That’s not all, though – Ariel already went to prom and you can see her in her prom dress on her instagram account! She wore an elegant black and nude lace dress that we’re absolutely obsessing over. Recognize it? It’s a Jovani dress that we sell at Rissy Roo’s: Jovani style 78450!

Shmoopberry and I take prom❤ #prom #prom2015

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

Jovani style 78450 is a beautiful lace gown that features a plunging neckline and a sexy open back and nude underlay. This is definitely a dress that’s fit for a celebrity. We can easily see this dress not only at prom, but on the Hollywood red carpet.

Arial Winter Prom Dress Jovani 78450

While Jovani 78450 is *the* Ariel Winter prom gown, there are plenty more dresses that are very similar to the look she chose. For a similar look, go with Mac Duggal 61930. Just like Ariel Winter’s prom dress, it’s a black and nude lace gown, featuring an open back, a plunging neckline, and cap sleeves.

Mac Duggal 61930

Lace dresses, especially black and/or nude, are very popular for Prom 2015. So, if you don’t like either of the above two prom dresses, there are plenty of other black lace dresses to choose from on if you want to take a cue from Ariel for prom or any other formal or semi-formal event.

By the way, could Ariel and her boyfriend look any more classy together?! Plus, the caption on her Instagram pic is sooo cute (“Shmoopberry and I take prom<3″)! If you want to see more of Ariel in her Jovani prom dress, make sure to check out her Instagram account!

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Justin Bieber Crashes Prom, And It’s Amazing

No, this is not a new celebrity promposal. Justin Bieber went to prom in style, and when we say “in style,” we mean that he totally crashed a high school prom, with no warning whatsoever! The students of Chatsworth Charter High School in Los Angeles, basically had every girl’s Prom 2015 dream come true! We can’t lie… we’re a little jealous!

The “luckiest graduating class of all time” according to TeenVogue (we’re not ready to vote yet – Prom 2015 isn’t over quite yet, so you never know what might still happen!) was totally taken by surprise on Saturday night when celeb Justin Bieber showed up. TeenVogue explained that after a night spent in a nearby recording studio, it seems like Justin was on a mission to have some fun and dance? And, honestly, are there many better places to dance than prom?!

Of course, within moments of Justin’s arrival, evidence of JB was caught on video. Justin also tweeted a ‘thank you’ to the school for having him at the prom, explaining that he’d always want to go to prom, but was never able to until now. Better late than never at 21 years old and *stuck* traveling the world performing all the time!

There’s been no word or video as of yet concerning if he took the stage to do some singing, or if he picked a dance partner. But, we’re hoping more information (aka lots of videos) will be leaked soon! This is certainly one way to make your prom unforgettable: get the Biebs to show up! As we said earlier, Prom 2015 isn’t over yet, so it will be fun to see if any other celebrity prom fun pops up. We have hopes for all you prom girls our there!

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This Promposal Fail Will Leave You Cringing

Promposals are usually all about creativity and having some fun with someone you totally expect will say “yes.” Usually, it’s the promposal-er’s significant other, so while the promposal may be elaborate, the end result (a resounding “yes!”), is expected to be pretty simple.

Well, here is a promposal where Daniel Pena asks his girlfriend, Alex, to go to prom with him via a decently elaborate set-up. Of course, since they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, you expect the entire process to go pretty easily, but wait until you see what happens! We don’t want to give any spoilers, so just keep watching (it starts off slowly). Daniel’s actual promposal doesn’t start until 1:58.

Awww Daniel’s promposal was cute, even if it was a promposal fail – the thought was definitely there! Daniel explains in the comment of the YouTube video: “The order of the signs went, “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.” And, I had the question mark. To the r/cringe mods, we are both 18, and US adults.” Alex seemed really apologetic and sad once she realized what happened, so we think it’s all okay! Mistakes happen, after all!

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Coachella Inspired Looks for Prom & After Prom With Sherri Hill Dresses

While we are so sad that today is the final day of Coachella, we have been so amazed by all of the stunning fashion statements that have been worn at the music festival over the past two weeks. From crop tops, to lace, to hippie chic, to western inspired, to beads galore, we’re in love with the new festival-inspired fashion trend.

Coachella Inspired Sherri Hill Styles for Prom and After Prom

Best yet, this new festival look is definitely not something that can only be worn at festivals and as casual weekend outfits. This style is transcending all types of looks and events… even formal events! Dress designer Sherri Hill, in particular, has brought the festival fashion trend to their Prom 2015 looks. Check them out below to get a Coachella inspired look for Prom!

Sherri Hill 11068

Crop tops have become so popular lately, whether at a music festival, a casual weekend day, a night out with friends, or even prom. For a crop top look that is Coachella reminiscent, we’re all about Sherri Hill 11068. The beaded high neck sleeveless top reminds us of some of the stunning beaded tops that were worn at Coachella this year.

Sherri Hill 32260

Fashion at Music festivals, whether Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, or many others, is all about rocking that perfect hippie chic look. When it comes to a more formal/semi-formal dress, Sherri Hill 32260 couldn’t emit that hippie chic vibe any more perfectly! The allover delicate white lace covers bell sleeves, deep v-neck, and a keyhole cutout back on this short, elegant bohemian inspired cocktail dress. Beaded crystal and a gold empire waist adds just the right amount of sparkle. We love this dress for a fun and flirty after-prom look! Plus, this look is formal, yet casual enough to wear time and time again.

Sherri Hill 32230

Sherri Hill 32255

The next two looks are the perfect way to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to Coachella fashion trends: crop tops and lace! The first is Sherri Hill 32230. This dress is hippie chic at its best when it comes to a a longer, more formal gown. This two piece lace dress features an off the shoulder top and a long layered skirt.

The second is Sherri Hill 32255, a bohemian chic two piece lace dress that features a halter top with a beaded neckline and a stunning skirt with a matching bead detail. This dress is a great alternative to style 32230 if you love halter tops more than off-the-shoulder tops. Both of these two piece gowns are great because of their versatility: the crop tops could easily be worn with jeans or shorts all throughout spring and summer!

If you haven’t picked out your prom dress yet and have been obsessing over all of the Coachella fashion this year, we hope you love these Coachella inspired looks! Coachella or no Coachella, it’s always fun to rock a music festival inspired look, no matter what event you’re attending.

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A Girl With Down Syndrome Gets A Special Promposal

Prom can not only be a fun time to dress up and have a special night out with friends, but it can also be a time for very special things to happen. Recently one of those very special moments happened at a high school in Kentucky. A basketball star at Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky, Trey Moses, asked a girl with Down Syndrome, Ellie Meredith, to be his prom date in the sweetest way possible. He proposed to her with a bouquet of flowers and a sign that referenced Taylor Swift, the girl’s favorite singer.

Trey Asks Ellie to Prom

Trey was originally going to ask his girlfriend to go to prom with him, but decided to ask Ellie instead. He texted Ellie’s parents the night before to get their permission, and they were happy to say “OK!”

So, the next day, he showed up to Ellie’s PE class with a sign saying, “Let’s Party Like It’s 1989.” And, party they will do because Ellie said YES to the promposal!

This all happened in part due to a special program that Trey volunteers for, called Best Buddies. CNN, who wrote about the story, explained that “Best Buddies cultivates friendships between students with and without developmental disabilities and prevents students like Ellie from feeling isolated and left out of social functions. Trey also explained that he wanted to take Ellie to prom because, “She’s great…she listens and she’s easy to talk to.”

Ellie is so excited for prom and can’t stop thinking about it, saying, “I’ve only told about a million people!” Her mom explained, “Ellie can’t wait to go dress shopping.” We hope Trey and Ellie have an amazing time together at prom!

Sources: CNN & Digital Journal

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La Femme Prom 2015 Dresses in Seventeen and TeenPROM!

Dress designer La Femme’s Prom 2015 collection is absolutely stunning! From classic looks to fun and flirty, they really have a prom dress for everyone this year. And, it’s not just us Roo Girls who are noticing! Magazines Seventeen and TeenPROM are loving La Femme’s dresses so much that some of them have been featured in the prom editions of their magazines! See which dresses are in the magazines below, and how to get the look for prom.

La Femme Style 21345 Seventeen MagazineLa Femme style 21345 was featured in Seventeen Magazine in the color Powder Blue. It’s a sophisticated satin mermaid dress with a sheer neckline, back, and cap sleeves. The neckline and back are encrusted with pearls and multicolored rhinestones. This dress also comes in colors Champagne, Dark Magenta, and Navy.

La Femme 21348 TeenPROM Magazine

La Femme style 21348 was featured in TeenPROM Magazine. It’s a two-piece dress with a bold polka dot mermaid skirt. Perfect for a modern classic look for prom.

La Femme 21155 TeenPROM Magazine

The sparkly strapless dress La Femme style 21155 was featured in TeenPROM Magazine in the color Gold/Bronze. It’s a one of a kind fitted sequin dress with a unique pattern and sweetheart neckline. It also comes in two other gorgeous colors: Black/Gold and White/Black.

La Femme 21452 TeenPROM MagazineThe stunning polka dots dress La Femme style 21452 was featured in TeenPROM Magazine. It’s a striking cap sleeves mermaid gown with bold polka dot print and a sweetheart neckline. The back is open with the sleeves hooking across the neck. This dress is all about stunning style!

Seventeen and TeenPROM definitely pocked out some gorgeous La Femme dresses to feature this year! Whether sultry and ethereal, sexy, classic, or fun and flirty, La Femme has a prom look for every girl. If you want to see more of the designer’s dresses, make sure to check out our La Femme Dresses section on our website. Which dress is your favorite from above? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Get FREE SHIPPING Thru This Thursday!

So many prom dresses, so little time! Prom is fast approaching, and if you haven’t found your prom dress yet, it’s time to make the big decision! Long gowns, short cocktail dresses, high-low, lace, sequins… so many styles, how do you just choose one dress?!

Since we know how difficult it is to make that final prom dress decision, we’re here to make the rest of the process a little bit easier for you. If you purchase a prom dress that’s $100+ from by Thursday April 16th, get free ground shipping with your order! Just use code FREESHIP at checkout to receive free shipping.

Free Shipping on $100+ Orders With Code FREESHIP

Love the dress above and want it for prom? It’s Faviana Glamour S7377, a multi sequin tulle evening gown with an illusion v neck. It reminds us of a glamorous red carpet dress. It’s made for Hollywood!

If you ever have any questions about purchasing your prom dress, don’t forget that you can contact us by phone or email – we’re here to help!

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Date Night Fashion and Spring Trends Segment on CBS was featured in a segment with fashion guru Mindie Barnett that aired on CBS Talk Philly last night! The segment focuses on hot new fashion trends for spring 2015 as well as “what to wear” for date night. At we may have the best selection of prom dresses on the planet but that’s not all we do! We have a great new inventory of spring attire, both casual and formal wear to choose from. And as far as date night fashion goes, we can’t be beat. We are adding new products daily, so be sure to check back frequently.

Last year we decked you in all of the hottest new styles in casual dresses and accessories.  This spring and summer we’ve somehow manged to top ourselves.  These styles are so cute we can barely keep them on the shelves. In addition to cute casual dresses and tops, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous new on-trend shoes, jewelry, and accessories. As the weather heats up, if you happen to make it in to town, be to sure to stop by our Linwood, NJ retail location. You’ll be super happy you did. Otherwise, shop our expansive online inventory and feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have. Our toll free number is 866-779-7667. The temperature is heating up gals, it’s time your wardrobe does the same!

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The Amount Teens Are Spending On Promposals in 2015 is Unbelievable!

Well, it’s official: promposals are the best thing since sliced bread (and by sliced bread we mean a beautiful prom dress) when it comes to prom. A new nationwide study released by Visa Inc on March 31, 2015 shows just how popular promposals have gotten (by the way, if you want an ‘official’ definition of a ‘promposal,’ Visa describes it as: “elaborate invitations to the high school prom that can mirror a marriage promposal.”).

Believe it or not, promposals are costing the average American household with teens $324 in 2015! Gone are the days of a simple note on the car of the person you plan on asking.

Visa Inc Promposals InfographicIn Visa’s press release about their survey, they explain:

“Promposals have become significantly more extravagant in recent years and now represent in excess of one third of the $919 total that the average prom-going teen will spend on the dance in 2015….While total prom spending is down 6% this year from the $978 that parents and teens forked over in 2014, Visa added the category of promposal spending for the first time to the company’s annual survey.”

Just a few days ago, we had mentioned in a blog post how popular promposals have become this year. This survey certainly proves it! Visa notes that the average prom-going teen will spend $919 total in 2015; this means that just the prom proposal is one third the total cost for the average prom-goer this year.

While promposals are so much fun and definitely worth the time and effort to put into creating one, we have to agree with Visa’s head of U.S. Financial Education, Nat Sillian, that spending $300+ on a promposal may be a little overboard.

Visa has the tools to help out, though! Visa offers a free Plan’it Prom App to help teens plan out their entire prom extravaganza on a budget. Visit for how to download the app for iOS and Android devices.

Here’s the full infographic for Visa’s Prom 2015 survey (hover mouse over for arrows to scroll through images):

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