This High School Promposal Gone Wrong Will Leave You Heartbroken

Lots of planning goes into promposals these days, and you can only hope for the best when it’s time to pop the question. Most promposals go down without a hitch, as many times it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend asking their significant other in a cute way to prom. But, there are cases where the proposer doesn’t know if the proposee will actually be accepting, and this is one example of that.

This high schooler went for a daring prom proposal – asking the girl he hoped to go to prom with in front of an entire football stadium full of people. He must have thought this promposal was in the bag, but that it was not! After the high schooler asks his hopeful date over the microphone if she’ll go to prom with him, he was let down anything but gently as the girl responds in the microphone, “I already have a date.” Awww! You can tell the high schooler is shocked by his response, and we can’t blame him.

How the word didn’t get around that the girl already got a date is beyond me! That’s what friends are supposed to be for, after all! Oh well, it might be a promposal gone wrong, but it’s certainly something he’ll look back on in a few years and get a good laugh out of, if he’s not already.

Sadly, this isn’t the only promposal fail we stumbled upon this year. For another cringing moment, check out Daniel’s promposal fail… to his own girlfriend, of all people!

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What Is Homecoming?


What is Homecoming? It can mean different things to different people in different walks of life. But generally, it means returning to a place that was once home to you. It could be where you grew up, a former school, even a place of work. In essence, it could also be symbolic. Such as returning or reuniting with your family, be it in an old familiar place of fond memories or somewhere new and exciting.

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance is typically considered the highpoint or culmination of Homecoming.

In the United States, Homecoming brings a singular event type to mind that is commonly accepted. This is the Homecoming associated with schools, colleges, and universities. To this end, a Homecoming is an annual tradition that involves the celebration of welcoming back former students or graduates otherwise known as alumni of an educational institution. There are usually many activities that are prepared such as sports and cultural programs, as opposed to only one. A parade is also often included and the town or city is witness to it as this activity is held in the streets. If by any chance you should be confused between a Homecoming and a prom, just remember that the former is held during the fall while the latter happens in spring. While Homecoming’s occur countrywide, those in the south are typically the more lavish and over the top Homecoming’s, as it is generally revered as a more significant event than it is in the Northern States. Continue reading

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This Girl Gets A Second Chance At Prom Thanks To Her Brother

Prom is usually special night to remember. But, eighteen year old high school student Olivia Pelley ended up missing her prom after needing to be rushed to the hospital. She told ABC News that while in the middle of taking pictures with her classmates before attending the Cochrane-Fountain City High School junior prom on April 25th, she started to not feel well, experiencing pain, and went to the hospital.

Olivia Pelley Gets A Second Chance At Prom

Olivia explained to ABC News, “I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t want to go [to the hospital]. I didnt’ want to think something was wrong with me. I wanted to go to prom.” Still in her prom dress, she went straight to the hospital and missed her prom.

Olivia had a kidney transplant from her dad seven years ago and has been dealing with many health complications since. But, she was finally starting to feel better in the weeks before her prom. Her classmates had even voted her prom queen, and she was planning on going to prom with her very first date ever.

But, Olivia has one amazing older brother and he stepped right in to help make sure Prom 2015 wasn’t completely ruined for her. Michael explained, “As soon as I got that call about what happened, I immediately though, ‘I need to do something.'” The twenty-two year old who attends Winona State University started planning a second prom for his younger sister. He told ABC News, “I was determined to make it happen. I couldn’t let one of the greatest moments in my sister’s life turn into the most tragic.” And, plan he did!

Olivia and Michael Pelley

With the help of Olivia’s high school principal and vice principal, local businesses to sponsor, and classmates, Michael put all of the pieces together and raised enough money to have a do-over prom at the school. He even got her prom date to show up and booked the same DJ from the junior prom she missed!

At least 70 people showed up, giving Olivia a prom night to remember. She explained, “I had a great time! This prom was fun because it was with my friends and family, and I got to spend time with people I love.”

Unfortunately, Olivia’s health problems are not over. She may even need to receive another kidney transplant. Fortunately, though, Olivia’s big brother Michael’s unconditional help is never over. He set up a GoFundMe in order to help raise money for Olivia’s medical expenses, including hopefully helping to find possible donors. You can read more a Olivia’s story on her GoFundMe page and learn how to help out. We’re so glad Olivia has such an incredible brother to not only give her a second chance at prom, but look out for her in every other aspect of her life, as well.

Sources: ABC News, GoFundMe

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Graduation Dresses Under $100 For A Perfect Grad Look

Yesterday we wrote about some of our favorite prom dresses under $100 for those girls still searching for their perfect prom look. But, we know many girls already had their prom and are thinking of their next dressy attire event… graduation! So, to help make sure you’re ready for your big graduation day, we picked out our favorite graduation dresses under $100. You’ll be graduating in style, from your look to your pockets with these dresses! Check them out below.

Peekaboo A Line Dress

Peekabo A Like Dress Minuet 7263

White is usually the color of choice when it comes to graduation dresses, and we certainly love Peekaboo A Line Dress style 7263 to get that classic white grad dress look. It’s a cute short dress with an open detail in the front. It’s perfect not only for graduation, but for Sweet 16s and any other spring or summer parties you might be attending. It’s a look that can easily be dressed up or down, so you’ll find yourself wearing this one over and over again well past your grad day. This dress makes it under the $100 mark at only $88.

Cold Shoulder Lace Dress

Cold Shoulder Lace Dress Monob kd7204

For a more casual look, we love Cold Shoulder Lace Dress style KD7204. This short dress has a cold shoulder cutout and a lace embroidered layer design with crotchet detail at the hemline. You can easily take this dress from day to night with a simple swap of accessories and makeup. Best yet: it’s a cool $58.

Get Lacy Floral Skater Dress

Get Lacy Flower Lace Skater Dress 2131

For more of a classic sun dress look, go with the Get Lacy Floral Skater Dress style CS2131. It’s a flirty and fun floral lace skater dress with tank straps and a v-neckline. The super cute mini dress also features a banded waist for a fit and flare look that’s figure flattering. You can wear this dress in classic white for graduation, or go for something a little different with the mint color that the dress also comes in. It used to be $52, but is now on sale for only $26, so it’s an amazing deal on a dress you’re sure to get a lot of milage out of.

Get Lacy Floral Skater Dress Mint

Lace Please Casual Short Dress

Lace Please Casual Short Dress style 38881281

Be cool and casual in the Lace Please Casual Short Dress style 38881281. This is a short chiffon dress with a frayed lace inset, banded waistline, and side zipper. It’s a great dress for much more than graduation – the coral color makes it perfect to rock all spring and summer long. This dress used to be $44, but is now on sale for only $17.60, so you really can’t go wrong with this choice!

We hope you love the dresses that we picked out, but there are plenty more graduation dresses under $100 on if you want to see more. There’s also an entire Graduation Dresses section with many more choices. A huge congrats to the 2015 graduating class out there, from high school to college!

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Prom Dresses Under $100 For Your Last Minute Prom Shopping

We know many of you have had their proms already, but there are still some girls waiting for their special day… and some are still even looking for their perfect prom dress! So, for those doing some last minute prom dress shopping on a budget, here are some of our favorite prom dresses under $100!

La Femme 17448

La Femme 17448

Prom dress La Femme 17488 is an elegant full length top gown with a pleated bust that helps to create a perfect fit. Other than the stand-out light lime color of this dress, we’re also in love with the iridescent clear beading that’s all throughout the halter strap of this dress. It’s a stunning way to rock color at prom! This dress used to be $378, but is now on sale for only $99.99.

Claudine for Alyce 2110

Claudine for Alyce 2110

For a dress with two amazing looks, go with Claudine for Alyce Designs 2110. It’s a strapless sweetheart silk leopard print sheath long prom gown with a sweet train and taffeta overskirt. You can remove the red taffeta overskirt for two looks in one! This dress used to be $470, and is now on sale for only $98!

Hannah S 27561

Hannah S 27561

For a short, sweet prom dress under $100, go with Hannah S 27561. It’s a strapless sweetheart baby doll dress with a wired edge mini tulle skirt and laser piettes with multi colored sequins. It’s shown in Turquoise above, but this dress also comes in Fuchsia and Purple Multi. This dress used to be $208, and is now on sale for only $83.20. We also love this colorful dress for a Sweet 16.

While we only show three prom dresses above, there are plenty more that are $100 and under on, so if you don’t see a dress here that you love, get browsing on the site (and don’t forget it’s time to find that graduation dress, too!).


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Happy Memorial Day 2015!

We wanted to wish every a very happy Memorial Day 2015! We hope everyone is enjoying the day off with their friends and family, with the sun out in full force. And, if shopping is one of your go-to Memorial Day activities, then we hope you’re finding lots of amazing deals!

If you are shopping, don’t forget that today is the final day of our Memorial Day Sale! We wrote a blog post a couple of days ago on the great deals going on for this year’s sale, but you can also find all of the details on our website. There’s tons of great dresses on sale right now, so there’s definitely a dress for everyone.

Memorial Day Sale 2015

To start you off on the right food with finding a dress you love from our sale, we picked out our favorite red, white, and blue dresses!

Red Dress

The red dress is La Femme 20398, a lace strapless cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. The overlay is a gorgeous lace adorned with small jewels. A Satin bow belt accentuates the waist. This dress used to be $398, but is now on sale for only $269.99. Plus, take an extra 20% off through the end of today!

White Dress

The white dress is Hannah S 27885, an elegant strapless sweetheart a-line dress that features a venice lace bodice with scatter sequins and painted multi color flowers. Perfect for graduation or any other summer event! This dress used to be $248, and is now on sale for only $223.20. Plus, take an extra 20% off through the end of the day.

Blue Dress

The blue dress is Sherri Hill 21192, a funky and fun cocktail dress with a cute built-in shoulder wrap. This dress has a sassy beaded waistband, low zipper back, and elegant curled hem skirt. It was originally $450, but is now on sale for only $269.99. Plus, take an extra 20% off today!

These three dresses are just the start of what’s on sale in our Sale Shop for Memorial Day, so get browsing before the sale ends tonight! Happy shopping and happy Memorial Day!

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Our Memorial Day Sale 2015 Is Here!

Happy Memorial Day 2015! While we’re sad to see the Prom 2015 season go, summer is finally here… which means it’s dress season! So, to celebrate, we have a Memorial Day 2015 sale for you. Through Monday, May 25th, you can take an extra 20% off our Sale Shop with promo code MDW2015.

Memorial Day Sale 2015

We have so many dresses on sale for our Memorial Day Sale 2015, so it’s a perfect time to find your Prom 2015 dress if you haven’t already, get your Prom 2016 dress at an amazing price, shop for Homecoming, or any other formal or semi-formal events you might have coming up over the summer or fall months (weddings, anyone?!). As always, have fun shopping!!

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It Pooped On This Girl’s Sweet Sixteen Party [Literally!]

Outdoor parties are always so much fun. Fresh air, blue sky, sun beating down… that’s the ideal, at least. It’s always scary planning an outdoor party because as much as you hope the weather is perfect for the event, you need to be prepared for the worst, too: cold, rain, wind…*poop*! Yup, apparently poop should now be a concern when planning outdoor parties because it literally fell from the skies for one unsuspecting 16 year old, Jacinda of Levittown, PA, and her family and friends.

While celebrating her Sweet Sixteen birthday party with family and friends outside in her backyard on Sunday, May 17th, Jacinda received quite the surprise: an airplane flew by her house and dumped feces all over the backyard her 16th birthday party was being held at!

Fox 29 Philly got the whole story and interviewed Jacinda’s stepfather Joe Cambray. He explained, “Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her.” Poor Jacinda! This is not a way anybody wants to spend their Sweet 16. Luckily, though, this all happened after they at the birthday cake. Joe said, “We just got done with cake. Thank God. We took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything.”

The FAA told Fox 29 Philly that all airplanes are required to dispose of the waste at the airport. The family filed a complaint and the FAA will be investigating what happened. Hopefully Jacinda sees some birthday justice!

Our best to Jacinda and all who attended her Sweet Sixteen party. We hope everyone still had an amazing time celebrating such an important milestone.

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The Taylor Swift Bad Blood Video is EPIC!

We all know that Taylor Swift was the artist of the night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards for more reasons that one (she won many awards!). But, the event everyone is still talking about days after the Billboard Music Awards ended is Tay finally releasing hew newest music video: Bad Blood!

The music video is ah-maz-ing… to put it lightly. It’s full of action, great music (duh!), stunning outfits, and endless stars! There are too many celebrities in the video to name them all, but some of our favorites included Hayley Williams of Paramore, Jessica Alba, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, and Cara Delevingne. Phew… and that was only six of the celebs that made an appearance in the video! Tay has so many friends! Check out the video, and see if you can name all of the stars. Plus, if you love the stunning fashion throughout the video, read on because we picked out our favorite ways to take a cue from the Taylor Swift Bad Blood video at your next formal or semi formal event.

The very first outfit Tay shows off in this video is a stunning two tone nude and black corset and mini skirt outfit. Could the video start out any better from a fashion standpoint?! To get a similar look to Taylor’s nude/black from the beginning of “Bad Blood,” go with Faviana 7428. It’s a short cocktail dress that features a multi layer chiffon skirt and a structured lace bodice. It comes in Black/Nude, just like Tay’s outfit!

Faviana 7428

The video starts out with an outfit that’s more feminine, like we know Tay’s outfits to be in real life, but it then quickly turns to all the girls wearing sleek, sexy, ninja-inspired leather outfits. What else would ninjas wear?! For a ninja-inspired look that’s sleek and sexy like all of the black leather jumpsuits and rompers Tay’s entourage wore in “Bad Blood,” go with romper La Femme 21339. It’s an elegant chiffon dress with shorts, a sweetheart neckline, and belt around the waist. Perfect for kicking some ass in style!

La Femme 21339

Black was definitely the color of choice for outfits for the Bad Blood music video, but there were two white outfits in the video that were so stunning! Tay and “Frostbye” (Lily Aldridge) wore wintery white rompers while practice fighting in the video. For a white romper look like these two ninjas, go with La Femme 21526. It’s a unique dress with a sheer tulle skirt, shorts, and pockets (because ninja spies have some essentials to carry, like compact mirrors that turn into throwing stars). The bodice is a sweetheart neckline and has a thin belt around the waist.

La Femme 21526

All we have to say is that we hope the Bad Blood music video gets turned into a movie! It looks like it could be the next Charlie’s Angels to us! What an all-around amazing video. We can’t wait to see what Tay has in store next for her 1989 album! Oh…and we’re totally loving Taylor Swift with red hair, by the way.

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Rissy Roo’s Prom Dress Testimonial: Ashtin Williford

More Roo Girls are finally attending their prom, which means more pictures of their big prom nights are coming in for us all to see! The latest in prom dress testimonials comes from Rissy Roo’s customer Ashtin Williford. She wore Sherri Hill style 11068, a brilliantly designed two piece evening gown with a beaded high neck sleeveless top and a long slim skirt with a beaded waist. Ashtin chose to rock the dress in color Aqua/Multi, which looked so stunning against her blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ashtin Williford in Sherri Hill 11068

Here’s what she had to say:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for my amazing and unique prom dress. I got endless amounts of compliments on it and I cannot be more appreciative. I am so glad I found this website. It was so last minute for me getting my dress and I was definitely stressing a lot and then I found this website with this exact dress I wanted (a lot of places did not have the color I wanted) and I ordered it and it came in amazing timing. It made my prom experience that much more amazing. THANK YOU!!!”

-Ashtin Williford

We’re so glad to hear that Ashtin was so happy with her dress, and that she had such an incredible time at prom! Check out more pictures of Ashtin in her Sherri Hill dress with her boyfriend:

Ashtin Williford in Sherri Hill 11068

Ashtin Williford Sherri Hill 11068

Ashtin Williford 11068

Ashtin couldn’t have looked more beautiful! Prom dress Sherri Hill 11068 fit her like a glove. We’re so glad she was able to finally find the color she wanted on Stay tuned for more Rissy Roo’s prom dress testimonials!

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