SCARY SAVINGS for our Little Pretties!

Halloween is so close, and that means it’s time to help our Little Pretties (aka…Roo Girls!) get in the mood with a SCARY SAVINGS Sale! With so many dresses and shoes on sale at up to 90% off, the monster deals are endless! Plus, take an extra 20% off the sale prices through 10/31 with code SCARY!

Scary Savings Sale

If you haven’t found your Homecoming dress yet, this is the time! Or, with the Holidays coming up, find your perfect dress for a Holiday party or New Year’s Eve. Of course, if you’re still looking for a Halloween outfit, get a sexy little black dress on sale and pair it with Halloween accessories like cat ears, a witch’s hat, or vampire teeth. You could even go with a little red dress instead for a devil look! And…Prom 2015 is just right around the corner, so this is a great time to find your prom dress at a price to scream for! So, in the spirit of Halloween, Trick or #TreatYourself!

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DIY Black Cat Makeup Tutorial for Halloween!

Remember on Monday how we posted about a chic black cat Halloween look, matching chick nail art, a little black dress, cat ears, cat eye makeup, and cat eye glasses all together? Well, we have more information to help you finish off that black cat look! Seventeen Magazine recently posted a step-by-step video on how to create that perfect black cat makeup look…from the classic cat eyes to a cute black nose and even whiskers! Check out the black cat makeup tutorial here:

Such a cute look! Lupe, known as naturallybellexo on YouTube (who works with Seventeen), decided to create her black cat look with a black romper, rather than a little black dress, like we mentioned earlier this week. Both styles work so well for a black cat look, and both are so easy to take from Halloween to any other night out or event you go to.

If you want to rock a romper like Lupe, we love Shail K style 3464. This hand beaded, sparkling one piece will make you look so sexy, and the silver accenting throughout the romper reminds us of stripes on a cat! We especially love the sparkles on this romper – they’re a perfect way to stand out in the crowd on nights like Halloween, a Holiday party, or New Year’s Eve. The romper also features a sweetheart neckline, defined waist, and unique open back design. If it’s a cold night out (like Halloween or the Holidays usually are), don’t be afraid to pair this look with black tights – rompers look great with tights and is perfectly on-trend.

Shail K 3464

A black cat is a classic (and SO Roo Girl!) choice for Halloween, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this look. And, you can always find unique ways to add your own personal style to the look by adding jewelry…. and choosing between a romper vs. a LBD, of course! Are you planning on being a black cat? Do you have any tips, tricks, or ideas on how to finish off the look? Leave a comment below!

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Bella Thorne’s and Tristan Klier’s Homecoming Night!

Our hearts were broken when we heard that Bella Thorne and Tristan Klier broke up, after 3 years of dating. But, Bella recently agreed to still go to Homecoming with Tristan, so we’re holding on that there still may be hope for their relationship! The two recently posted such cute pictures from their Homecoming dance from last weekend…they certainly look like they had an incredible time, and makes us think that they really are giving their relationship another shot!

Seventeen Magazine explained that they started out the night at Tristan’s house, “and took the obligatory all-the-couples-in-the-living-room homecoming pic and Bella looked gorgeous!” We couldn’t agree more! Check out the pics:

Bella Thorne Homecoming 2014

“HOMECOMING” – Bella Thorne

Seventeen Magazine then explained: “Then Tristan and Bella took a picture in front of their limo with Tristan’s twin brother (who’s equally as gorgeous as Tristan) and his date!”

Bella Thorne Homecoming 2014

“Looking dapper last night with our ladies” -Tristan

Everyone definitely looks very “dapper!” Love Bella’s super fitted bandage dress? Get a look just like hers with Mac Duggal style 40308! Just like Bella’s dress, this avant-guard dress forms to your figure and accentuates your curves with a deep v-cut neckline.

Mac Duggal 40308

Or, get that pretty in pink look like Bella’s in a bandage dress with Sherri Hill style 32048. This is a short and sexy bandage dress with a sheer beaded lace halter neckline and a beaded lace back with a key hole slit.

Sherri Hill 32048

The best thing about these dresses is that they are timeless, and will always give you a stunning form fitting look. So, you can easily take either of these dresses from Homecoming to your next semi-formal or formal occasion. Just like Bela’s dress, Tristan’s twin brother’s date wore just as classic and timeless of a dress: a little black dress! For a so simple and classic look like above go with La Femme style 19842. This is an amazing fit and flare dress with a sweetheart neckline and low v back. The dress has black lace over the nude and a sheer net high neckline. The dress has pockets on both sides of the skirt and the back is completely covered in sheer net.

La Femme 19842

Sources: Seventeen Magazine, Bella Thorne Instagram, Tristan Klier Instagram

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A Chic Halloween Black Cat Look You’ll Love!

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and with today being the 2nd to last Manicure Monday before Halloween is here, we have more Halloween inspired looks for you! Last week, we showed you an easy way to get a vampire or witch look with a little black dress, and today we have more LBD Halloween ideas for you! Read on to get a totally cute Halloween black cat look!

Sherri Hill 21156 Black Cat Halloween Look

This so chic black cat look matches Sherri Hill style 21156 in black with Baylee by Sizzle pumps in black. Sherri Hill style 21156 is a one-of-a-kind dress that features a strapless design, sweetheart neckline, and low back style. The fitted bodice is embellished with elegantly designed with beads and sequin embellishments. Baylee by Sizzle is a beaded platform pump with all over jewels and sparkle. All that’s needed to finish the black cat look are cute cat ears, cat eye glasses (and cat eye makeup!), and a cat inspired manicure.

This entire look was inspired by the cute manicure idea we saw above, created by lifeisbetterpolished. We’ve been getting in the Halloween mood here at Rissy Roo’s by trying out cute Halloween inspired looks for Manicure Monday today, and we thought this one was just so chic! Purple is a great color to rock to show your Halloween spirit if you don’t like the traditional orange and black colors. And, of course, you can never go wrong with a little bit (or a lot) of sparkle!

Of course, there might be another Halloween look you think of when it comes to Sherri Hill style 21156… a vampire! Last year, we created a DIY Vampire Makeup Tutorial and used this dress to finish off the look. Either way, you’ll look super chic for Halloween, and it’s one of our favorite dresses to rock for Homecoming and Prom, too!


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More Sneak Peeks of the New Taylor Swift 1989 Album!

Back in August, Lorde gave us a little sneak peek at the Taylor Swift 1989 album that’s set to be released later this month, and now Taylor Swift is finally giving some sneak peeks of her upcoming album! If you follow Taylor on Instagram, you know that she’s been posting pictures of lyrics from some of her new songs, but there’s two recent sneak peeks that we’re obsessing over. Check them out below!

The first sneak peek is the full audio for her latest single, “Out Of The Woods!” As promised, the single has that distinct 80s sound, channeling some pop-synth. And the lyrics? They’re all about a past relationship that Seventeen Magazine thinks may be about a famous ex of hers…Harry Styles! Seventeen mentions:

“The lyrics mentiondating the boy ‘last December’ (Haylor dated in December of 2012) and wearing his necklace around her neck. Then there’s the infamous snowmobile accident and that’s confirmation enough for us!”

Check out the song here:

The second sneak peek that we’re loving is a preview of a new 1989 track surrounded by…KITTENS! In her newest Diet Coke commercial, Tay is surrounded by dozens of kittens, including her own kitty Olivia Benson. And, what’s that super cool song playing in the background? The third song off of her new album, of course! Just like “Shake It Off” and “Out Of The Woods,” this song sounds so upbeat and fun, too! Only 10 more days until we get to hear the entire song!

Check out the Coke commercial and the preview of her new song here:

We can totally tell how epic this new album is going to be already, and can’t wait to hear the whole thing in just a few days. Are you excited for 1989? Leave a comment and let us know!

Source: Seventeen Magazine

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Little Black Dress Halloween Costumes for a Witchin’ Good Look!

Halloween is so close, and we’re getting excited to dress up as our favorite characters on the 31st! It’s always difficult to choose and put together your costume, but there’s one great way to look super chic for Halloween: little black dresses!

Rock an LBD for a Fangtastic Halloween Style!


Little black dresses are so versatile, and always chic, so we love the idea of pairing an LBD with your favorite Halloween accessories for a glamorously ghoulish look. Two dresses that we particularly love are shown above: Night Moves style 6658 and Jeweled Pencil Dress style 78415.

Fangtastic Vampire Style

We love Night Moves 6685 to rock a sexy glam rock vampire look. Sexy and sophisticated, this dress features a sheer illusion sleeve detail accented with crystals. The long sleeves makes it perfect for a cold fall Halloween night, and allows it to easily transition into winter for a Holiday Party dress (we especially love this look for New Year’s Eve)! For Halloween, just pair it with vampire teeth, dark red lipstick, dark red or purple eyes, and glamorous red jewelry. We also love the idea of pairing it with a leather jacket to complete that glam rock look.

In the above outfit, we paired the LBD with Helen’s Heart style JE-4601-10 red earrings, Rihanna by Night Moves platform high heels, and Magid E7496 beads and rhinestones satin box clutch. All items that you can easily rock again for Homecoming, Prom, or the Holidays!

Witchin LBD Look

Jeweled Pencil Dress style 78415 is perfect to rock a witch look for Halloween! This jeweled neck dress features body defining style lines, open sides, and an invisible back zipper. For Halloween, pair it with a chic witch hat, a witch’s broom, and funky jewelry. for an extra witchy look, pair it with striped stockings – we love either orange and black or purple and black striped stockings for that classic witch look.

To finish off this look, we paired the dress with Magid E7486 jeweled box clutch, Hyacinth Crystal Chandelier Earrings JF103E32G3, and Baylee by Sizzle sexy beaded pumps.

Of course, a little black dress is so easy to dress up in any way, so whether a classic Halloween look like a vampire or a witch that we showed above…or something a little less scary like a 1920s flapper girl or cute black cat…you’ll be able to rock a totally haute Halloween look, and then take that dress right into the Holidays and New Year! Do you love the idea of little black dress Halloween costumes? Leave us a comment below!


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Dress Code Enforcement at Homecoming Leaves Students Upset

Dress codes at homecoming and prom dances have been a hot topic over the past few years, and in some cases we can understand why dress codes need to be enforced, but there are many occasions where dress codes are either enforced too strictly, unjustly, and/or unfairly. Well, we recently read a story of some girls that experienced what we believe to be all three of those things at their homecoming dance in South Jordan, Utah. FOX13 Salt Lake City covered the story. You can read it below in its entirety, unaltered as originally reported on, so that you can decide whether or not these girls were treated unfairly or not.

Tayler Gillespie was turned away from her homecoming dance at Bingham High School Saturday, and the teen wasn’t the only who expressed frustration over dress code enforcement at the dance.

“They said I either have to go home and get something to go under, or I’m not allowed in,” Gillespie said. “So I just decided to leave.”

And she wasn’t the only one

“They pulled me to the side and asked me to twirl around to see if I was immodest, then made me sit against the wall,” Erika Shepherd said. “And while I was sitting against the wall there was about ten other girls that were sitting there being embarrassed.”

Erika showed us her dress. It spills onto the floor, but Erika said those who were in charge of the dance told her: “It’s too low in the back’ and I needed to get a jacket or go home and change clothes.”

FOX 13 News reached out to assistant principal Janalee Taylor, who was at the dance. She declined an on-camera interview but told us the school’s dress code for dances is very clear. She said it’s on the schools website, is sent out as a reminder on a paper attached to dance tickets, and is reinforced in the annual school standards assembly.

It states in part: “Hemlines should go no higher than mid-thigh when seated.”

That’s the reason Tayler said she was asked to leave.

“It’s been the same standards assembly for three years, they always have the same power point,” she said.

But she said dresses worn in past years were scrutinized this year, and not allowed.

Tayler also said she was never asked to sit to see where her hemline would fall.

“They just took a wild guess and said, ‘You’re not admitted in.’”

Veronica Perhson, Tayler’s mother, spoke about the issue.

“I understand the need for a dress code, but I think it needs to be applied straight forward,” she said.

Tayler’s parents went to the school to speak with those in charge Saturday night, but they said they had a hard time getting answers.

“I asked them why they turned her away and then showed them a picture of her on the phone I’d taken myself of her sitting down where the dress meets her knees,” said Tayler’s father, Chad Perhson.

See the video above for images of the dresses mentioned in this story. Maddi Rowley is another student who was upset about the situation, and she emailed FOX 13 News a picture of her dress as well as her comments.

She stated: “Other girls were admitted into the dance wearing my same dress in different colors. I was in high heals (sic), as you can see, and I am a taller girl. I am very angry, especially because my date couldn’t get his money refunded. Surely you can understand the injustice. I’m nearly an adult, and my parents allowed me to go out in this dress.”

-FOX13 Salt Lake City

Here’s the picture that Maddi Rowley provided to FOX13 Salt Lake City that the news channel posted:


It’s always hard to get the full story on something, but it definitely seems like something went wrong at the dance. We’re glad to see that the parents are stepping in to defend their daughter, especially since it seems as if they did in fact follow the dress codes that were in place. And, it’s always a good sign when parents ‘approve’ of their daughters’ outfits – they’re usually the strictest critics, after all! Not only that, but from everything we see at Rissy Roo’s parents are usually very involved in the picking out and purchase of their daughters’ prom and homecoming dresses.

What do you think of this homecoming dress code enforcement? Is it too strict? Have you had a similar experience at your school? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Source: FOX13 Salt Lake City

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Celebrate PINKtober 2014 with Rissy Roo’s!

While October may be known for Fall colors like orange and yellow and brown, it’s also known for one of our favorite colors: PINK! October doesn’t only mark the change of seasons and Halloween, but October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or PINKtober! Want to learn a little more about Pinktober? Here’s what says:

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.”

As a store dedicated to empowering women and girls to feel as beautiful as they are, we plan to join in on promoting Breast Cancer Awareness not only during October, but year round. Additionally we want to empower our Roo Girls to do the same. That’s why during the month of October, we have some very Positively PINK surprises for you!

Positively Pink 4_Blog

Through Friday, 10/31, get a free PINK garment bag and lip gloss with a $200 purchase when you use code PINK. Plus, 5% of your order will be donated to the Shirley Mae Breast Cancer Assistance Fund when you use code PINK at check-out, as well. This way, you can get a little pink…and give a little pink…all throughout October at Rissy Roo’s!

Of course, if you really want to show your Pinktober pride, we always recommend rocking a pink dress at Homecoming. If you love the one above, it’s Shail K style 3430, a short beaded cocktail dress. This strapless, though length dress boasts a gorgeous hand-beaded pattern elegant enough for a modern princess. A perfect combo of flirty, exotic, and a touch of royalty!

Happy Pinktober to all our Roo Girls…and, as always, happy shopping!



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Happy Columbus Day Weekend 2014!

Columbus Day Weekend 2014 is here and fall and homecoming season is in full swing! Still looking for that perfect dress? Our Columbus Day Sale is here to help! We have so many gorgeous dresses on sale, at up to 90% off. The sale is only from today through Monday, 10/13, though, so don’t miss out!

Shop our Columbus Day Sale 2014

Whether you need a dress for Homecoming, Prom, the Holidays, a wedding, or even a sexy little black dress for Halloween, this is a great time to find a dress at such a cheap price. If you love the dress in our picture above, it’s La Femme style 19681, a fit and flare cocktail dress with nude lining. This dress is so perfect for the Homecoming or the Holidays. Or, get funky for Halloween and add a horns and a pitchfork for a super chic devil look!

Happy shopping!

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Happy Birthday Gwen Stefani!

gwenHappy Birthday Gwen Stefani!!! Style Icon & Music extraordinaire!!

the voice castHappy Birthday Diva! No Doubt rocker Gwen Stefani became famous for her amazing singles such as “Just a Girl,” “Don’t Speak,” and “Hey Baby,” in the early 90’s. As the years progressed we all watched her music career grow as well as her fashion career.

Through the years Gwen has rocked the music industry with her catchy lyrics and crazy fashion sense. For as long as I can remember Gwen has always been a fashion icon. She has donned the red carpet and the stage with so many memorable styles.

gewn multiGwen is also quite the philanthropist. In 2011 she donated $1 million to the Save the Children’s – Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children Emergency Fund. Did you know that she also created an online auction on E-bay? Participants were allowed to bid on vintage clothing from her very own personal wardrobe and custom T-shirts designed and signed by her. Proceeds went to the Save the Children’s Relief Effort. How cool is that!!

In 2011 Gwen and husband Gavin Rossdale attended amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala in this stunning sequin self designed mermaid gown! If you are looking to wear something similar than I would suggest checking out our Tony Bowls style TBE21401!!!gwen blcak mermaid

Tony Bowls TBE21401Gwen did a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and let me just say that no one other the her can pull off a sexy Vera Wang bridal gown and a pair of Barbie Pink sunglasses!!! If you want a similar look you can check out our Mac Duggal style 48184, but your gonna have to grab your own pink shades!

gwen in vera
Mac Duggal 48184

Now we get to sit back and watch The Voice and see her true personality. Gwen has such charisma and you can really see that she loves what she does and how she wants to help others reach their dreams.

gwen-stefani-on-the-voice-season-7I absolutely love Gwen! She is sweet, fun charismatic and family orientated. She is someone that I grew up listening to and will continue to watch her grow. I cannot wait to see what she does and wears next!

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